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  • The Importance Of Carnival

    Carnival is a celebration of different colors which converts into beautiful customs, calypso and steel pan music, different forms of dancing, foods, and Caribbean style arts that fascinates thousands of people from many different parts of the world. Trinidad and Tobago carnival is a once a year event with a combination of many different activities. The main purpose of the carnival is to reveal their culture and way of life by bringing everyone together. Trinidad and Tobago is a dual island, which is found on the southern frontier of the Caribbean Sea. Trinidad and Tobago is one of the biggest carnivals in the Caribbean. The Trinidad and Tobago carnival takes place on both the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday takes place as well as two…

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  • Steel Drum Music Analysis

    Steel drum music has the ability to move an audience like no other type of music. From the first note, the songs exude a happiness from within each pannist. Even with the slower pieces, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself in a tropical surrounding. The AISD concert, conducted by CJ Menge, which took place April 14, 2012 certainly did not disappoint. The concert was performed in Austin, Texas and featured steel drum bands from seven middle and high schools in the area. The first piece,…

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  • Essay On Calypso

    Calypso The rhythmic music of Calypso can be traced to the African slaves whom were brought to work on the plantations of Trinidad. Having been forbidden from communicating with each other, the slaves used songs as a form of expression. They used Calypso, which originates from the West African kaiso. Although colonized by the Spanish, Trinidad also received innumerous French immigrants, and after sometime the British took control over the island. With this vast impact, Trinidad was able to…

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  • Product Discrimination In Advertising

    Media and advertising, for the most part, have always gone hand in hand. So why is it that music artists are getting a lot of reactions, and backlash for advertising product placement in their songs? The reasoning seems to be behind one word, “value”. The value of something can be the determining factor for everyone involved in the media industry, that includes the artists, the consumers, and the advertisers. The backlash that some of these artists take for “selling out” is a strong one,…

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  • Sanford Ungar The New Liberal Arts Analysis

    based degrees. He also informs readers why this is. He says that employers prefer for employees to have the ability to be creative, to be able to communicate clearly and to be able to analyze effectively. Finally, Ungar uses logos, or logic to exemplify why the idea that STEM fields, or science, technology, engineering and mathematics is where all the action is, is untrue. Here, Ungar uses simply the raw fact that the liberal arts do not just include the arts but encompasses an extremely wider…

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  • Bach's Toccata And Fugue In D Minor Analysis

    To begin, Bach was a devout Lutherian, who played music for the church (Sherrane). Toccata and Fugue, a two-part musical piece composed for the organ (generally speaking, the instrument most associated with the church), is assumed to have been created with spiritual intent (Schwarm). Bach 's duties for the church included making religious music, which combined with his faith, and musical passion make it likely this piece was crafted for sacred purposes. Bach not only made this piece to…

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  • The Influence Of Celebrity Culture

    THE advancement of technology has enabled the celebrity culture to gain power to influence a large share of global population. In addition celebrity culture has taken an alteration in meaning and its new aspects are causing arguments amongst academics, with their expertise in the studies of celebrity culture.different aspects of this new culture is unveiled displaying celebrities rise to power, causes of mass media production with its constant feed of attention by fans and society reaction to…

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  • Before Humanities 210: Philosophies And Views

    towards other will help the way I react to circumstances in the future. Music: Compare before and after Humanities 210, how would you have described your music preferences? Be specific about genres. How would you have described your level of conscious choice for your music? What components of music attracted you to this choice? How do your preferences reflect your philosophy (or religion if you prefer)? Are you now willing to expand your musical exposure? Be specific. How can you utilize…

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  • Western Music Essay

    History of Western Music Final Essay The History of Western Music, the idea of western music’s history in its entirety is an immensely broad subject that has captured the attention of many. Music has changed a lot in the past couple millennia and I will argue that that often the changes that occur, are a response to previous ideas and musical norms. Also, taking note that the changes come with the culture at the time and the culture from the previous time. So let us briskly walk from the…

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  • Analysis Of The Song Mr Sandman

    The Song “Mr Sandman” is a studio recorded folksong that was first recorded by Vaughn Monroe and his orchestra, and later interpreted by The Chordettes. This song is an example of a strophic song, as it has a limited number of melodies that are repeated throughout the song. It is sung by a a female quartet with a secondary accompaniment. The accompaniment consists of clapping, a drum set (membranophone), a bass (membranophone), something that sounds like a synthesizer (electronophone). The…

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