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  • Giraffes Research Paper

    There are 471 giraffes in the U.S. but only 95 zoos that have giraffes. There are not enough zoos for so many giraffes. I think that we should either construct bigger cages, more zoos, giraffe sanctuaries, or send some giraffes back to the savanna in Africa. Did you know that giraffes live for about 25-30 years? Giraffes are big animals and need space. Having too many giraffes in a small enclosed space is harmful to their development. The possibility for the animals to roam over miles of…

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  • Charla Nash Research Paper

    In February 2009, Charla Nash was viciously attacked by her employer's chimpanzee while attempting to help get him back into the house, losing both of her hands and most of her face. She filed a strict liability claim against Sandra Herold, her employer and Travis' owner. For the first time in its history, the Superior Court of Connecticut ruled on the liability attaching to the owner of a wild animal that causes injury to another and subsequently allowed the personal injury claim to proceed.…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Captive Animals

    they would never have seen if it were not for wildlife parks. Many argue that captive animals are not happy in their environment, and should be set free from zoos in their natural habitat. Although many find captivity cruel and unnecessary, having animals in captivity is beneficial to our society as well as to captive animals because when done right, endangered species are protected and well taken care of, people are able to experience beautiful wildlife,…

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  • Skunk Essay

    resonates through the whole house it makes it difficult to keep the windows open. What on Earth could be so disgusting? Well, a skunk is the culprit. It just so happens I live in a neighborhood where there inhabits a nearby Wildlife Refuge. Since we live so close to the wildlife refuge we see a variety of animals roaming around the area. This occurs quite frequently. A possum got stuck in our backyard, and I saw a mother skunk and her little ones walking in the street. Wild animals…

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  • Wild Animals Should Not Be Kept In Zoos

    a variety of wildlife without fearing the danger of your life? Or perhaps, instead, you wondered the happiness of the animal in its new environment? As long as humans have been on Earth, we’ve found that our progress was not altered by the wellbeing of other animals. We’ve often destroyed their environments and domesticated them beyond the point of no return, sometimes hunting them to the point of extinction. Now we’ve tried to halter our decimation of the animal kingdom with wildlife…

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  • Theme Of Naturalism In The Great Gatsby

    To thoroughly understand the relationships between themes, a theme can be analogous to a wild animal (#8). There can be many wild animals in a vast open area, but in many smaller areas, there may be just one. As for literature, many complex novels possess multiple themes, but, commonly, short stories and other pithy pieces of writing possess a single theme shown throughout the book. Be that as it may, wild animals also possess the inclination to rival each other; themes acquire the same…

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  • Exotic Animals

    of a nearby hill is Tamarin, a spectacular example of an immaculate exotic animal, practicing his patience while playing with his cubs. Curiosity stimulates a concern for this animal. Does he enjoy inhabiting this place? How does he compare to his wildlife counterpart? Is it just and ethical to keep him here? Human-kept collections of exotic animals are certainly not just a contemporary practice, with such traditions extending back to Ancient Egyptian times (Warburton et al., 2012). Fast forward…

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  • Essay On Exotic Animal Trade

    The Exotic Animal Trade Have you ever thought of what it would be like to own a tiger or a lion? At five years old the thought of owning an exotic pet seemed very appealing. However as I grew older and more mature the reality of the situation and the idea does not seem like a dream anymore. When most families decide to buy a family pet they generally look for a fancy goldfish, a cute puppy, or even an energetic bunny, not a dangerous exotic animal. Exotic pets can be defined as an animal not…

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  • Essay On Symbolism In Life Of Pi

    Over time society has come to recognize certain objects, like the Red Cross, flashing lights, and hospital signs, as being the universal symbols of aid. However, many of these symbols do not necessarily need to be tangible objects in order to represent something greater, but can be a concept even as subtle as a colour that, when repeatedly shown in certain contexts, comes to symbolize the same as an ambulance responding to an emergent call. Some of the strongest symbols in literature include…

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  • Why Do Animals Kept In Zoos

    and sad lives. Life in zoo is so difficult for animals because they hardly have any privacy and lack metal stimulation and physical exercise. Those animals really don’t get used to a life in captivity. Zoos are the unnatural environment for these wildlife animals and these can cause the animals to be sad and can drive them crazy which can even lead to death. Animals in captivity are imprisoned in small enclosure and cages at zoos and they don’t get to do the things that they naturally do in the…

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