Career Choices Of Senior Careers In The National Park

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Senior Career Research

The National Park has many different career options. In the field of my senior project the dragonfly larvae mercury levels study it has career options that can satisfy people’s desire to be out in the wilderness. There are no unique careers like the ones offered by the National Park Service that change people’s lives forever. You get a different perspective in life with the enjoyment of the forest. Some of the jobs offered by the government are Physical Science Technician, Biological Science Technician, Biologist, Education Specialist, and Park Ranger Interpretation. Each of these careers are different in one way but all interact with one another in functioning the National Park Service.
Within the NPS a Physical Science Technician a great help in the analysis, collection, management, and interpretation of physical science information. The NPS professionals manage various fields and duties within landscapes risk assessments, paleontology
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Education specialists also research, write and take action to curriculum for students to learn about the national park and make sure that the programs meet the criteria for each educational department and guides to visitor center. The Park Ranger in level A receives $40,128-$53,604 and level B receives $47,772 - $64,440. The requirements for national park ranger positions are that you must be a U.S citizen, able to pass a background investigation, valid driver’s license, and pass a pre-employment physical. The training requirements include Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program (SLETP), basic first aid, CPR, AED and First Responder Certification, and Search and Rescue Certification. The education requirements require that you must have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited

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