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  • Funeral Service Personal Statement

    working two summers at Johnson-Danielson Funeral Home in Plymouth, Indiana, it became apparent to me that this is the path I am to take and the profession that fulfills me. Death is unavoidable, however it is a natural occurrence that happens every day. A huge part of this profession is setting up services for families so they can memorialize and honor their loved one. It is essential to honor the deceased and celebrate their life with a reflection of what they enjoyed and what was important to them. Memorials are a way for everyone, not just famous public figures, to be remembered throughout the years. One way to ensure that this happens, is the purchase of a permanent memorial; headstones. It is becoming more common in today’s society for families to buy out spaces ahead of time so their loved ones can be laid to rest next to them and continue to be next to one another for the rest of eternity. Memorialization is also essential in today’s society because memorials help families cope with the loss. Having a permanent place for family and friends to go visit regularly is an essential part of the grieving process. Regardless of earth burial or cremation, purchasing a headstone and placing it in a cemetery, allows families to feel as though they have a safe place to go pray, talk to and remember their loved one. A permanent memorialization allows individuals to reflect back on their loved one and allows the continuation of connection. Although cremation is…

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  • Dbq Monument Analysis

    When remembering someone, there is a lot of things that have to be put into prospect. You cannot just go into something thinking that you can wing it, because after high school that doesn't really work. Monuments honor the dead and the achievements that were often done while in their lifetime and that have to do with the sacrifices that they had to make. There are three main factors that go into play when making a monument for the remembered. The location, size and materials put into it. You…

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  • Monuments And Memorial Essay

    Monuments and memorials are key to acknowledging and paying respect to the past. They provide honor to great achievements and pay homage to the sacrifice of people. Monuments are vital to society. Since they admire great achievements, educate society on past events, and inspire individuals to imprint their own footsteps in history. Though, monuments mean to respect figures of the past, many designers make the mistake of creating a monument not worthy of the important figures imprint in humanity.…

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  • Monument Symbols

    Rough draft - There are many contrastive directions to go in when it comes to monuments, Considering the fact that it represents the deep sacrifice and pays homage to one’s family. Monuments symbolizes a person’s life and celebrates how successful they were as an individual. Monuments are symbol’s because it is put in a valued place and can sometimes last forever. It’s important that you carefully pick the place, a way to get money , and the statues. Due to the fact the place is such a…

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  • Battle Of Vimy Ridge Analysis

    us to win the war. Second, it changed how the planning was done by the Allies, it proved that no position was invulnerable to a meticulously planned and conducted assault(Battle of Vimy Ridge Fast Facts,2014). The Canadians in the war changed the outcome by changing how they played. The ridge actually remained in Allied hands for the duration of the war(Historica Canada,2016). It was one of the most complete offensive victories up to that point of the war not to mention the germans were forced…

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  • I Have A Dream Martin Luther King Jr

    Analysis of “I have a Dream” Martin Luther King, JR. was born in late 1900s in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in a Christian family, where most of his family members were preacher. His family’s values had shaped King, JR. to be a strong-optimistic Negro with love toward others. (King, 1998). National Archive (n.d.) reports that King JR. took his action to push government to open their eyes to see the racism that created gap amongst people by speaking his speech that known as “I have a Dream” on…

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  • Why Are Monuments Important

    Monuments are built all the time for a plethora of events and for historically important people. These memorials take years to build and cost an arm and a leg to design and construct (Roadside America). For something that takes as much time, dedication, and cash as a monument does, certain things need to be taken seriously into consideration. When building a monument, people should pay close attention to the strategic placement and specific design of the memorial. If these are not given careful…

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  • Martin Luther King Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    A broadly known speech that makes evident the power of rhetoric is “I Have A Dream” by Martin Luther King Junior, which was delivered at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. This civil rights leader proclaimed his views about human equality for all African Americans to have equals opportunities in the United States. His speech is known as one of the largest civil rights demonstrations in history. His symbolism, powerful persuasion, tone and diction helped to create an impact on his public…

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  • Decision Making In High School

    Decision making is something that we do every day. It’s something that’s so habitual that we don’t even think about it. I know I never really thought about it until reading into how it’s done and what affects our decision. During Memorial Day weekend, I used System 2 decision making. This is a more conscious and logical method than system 1. When I went shopping to get new shoes, my sister told me that Payless had a “buy one get one half off” sale for memorial day weekend. I knew that Payless…

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  • Animal Donation Persuasive Speech

    amount of money a month to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund which helps the fund honor America’s law enforcement officers. Central Idea: How often do police deaths happen and how can we help the family members of the Fallen Hero’s. Organization: MONROE’S MOTIVATED SEQUENCE INTRODUCTION I. (Attention-Getter) Imagine that you’re having a normal day just got home from work waiting for your loved one to come home and then the phone rings you answer. It’s a call from the hospital…

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