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  • USS Indianapolis

    As the USS Indianapolis sunk to its watery grave the men aboard were victimized and killed for those 4 grueling days. We are aware of the reasons they died, but why did they died. Was it because of the devastating missile fired from the japanese submarine, or was it because of the sharks or harsh conditions in the following days? “What if” is a question we can ask ourselves when it comes to why these brave men died during the worst event in naval history. The dark cloudy night of The sinking of the USS Indianapolis men died sickening deaths by explosion, burns, falls, drowning, and in other indescribable ways. In this instant we can think why did these men die of these things. We can think that the men would have lived if it wasn't for the…

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  • College Choice Research Paper

    Anderson lays just over two hours away (MapQuest). Anderson to Indianapolis is a lot like Scottsburg to Louisville, it take about fifty minutes to get from a small town to a big city where things to do are more abundant (MapQuest). Like North Manchester, Anderson is a small town that may lack things to do for a college aged kid. TripAdvisor only lists fourteen things to do in Anderson, and many of them are historical locations (Anderson, Indiana). Anderson is, however, located just outside two…

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  • Teenage Pregnancy In Indianapolis

    -Intro Studies in Indianapolis has show that every 43 out of 1000 teenage girl will become pregnant in Indianapolis and the number are not expected to decline anytime soon. The belief in the number of teenage pregnancies not improving and lessening is because it 's a cycle and some teenagers believe this cycle is ok. There are different types of cycles teenage pregnancy might stem from such as the most popular one which is when family members were pregnant teens so that upcoming children in that…

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  • The Sinking Of USS Indianapolis

    The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis Imagine being a sailor on The USS Indianapolis. You had just finished dropping off the atomic bomb at Tinian. It is late at night and you decide to go to bed. A couple minutes later, the ship jolts to the left. You’ve been hit by a torpedo. You jump out of your bed and rush out of the room. You hear your captain screaming, “Abandon ship!Abandon ship!”. You rush down the narrow hall and find a life jacket. You put it on and run to the stern of the ship. You…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving To Indianapolis

    The sun was beating down hard, making the snow sparkle, and the ice was shiny when the light hit it. When the bell rang the school doors opened, and we were greeted with the blast of cold air that came from that freezing cold Indiana day in February. It was the day that everything about my life was going to change. It was the day that I was no longer going to be comfortable with my surroundings, my life, or even myself. It was the day that my parents informed me that we would be leaving…

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  • Sinking Of The Uss Indianapolis Essay

    The sinking of the USS Indianapolis happen during World War II. The USS Indianapolis was launched on November 7, 1931. It was 610 feet and 4 inches long. It was 9,600 tons. What had contributed to the weight was eight white Forster boilers, 4 Parsons geared turbines, about 70 guns, and 3 SC-2 Curtiss Seahawk airplanes. On April 1940 the Indianapolis move from west coast to Hawaii with the rest of the Pacific Fleet. On February 1942 the Indianapolis participated in raid on Bougainville in Solomon…

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  • USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage

    of USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage depicts his film based off patriotism and cynicism (motivated purely by self-interest). Even though the film never truly depicts all the catastrophic events that happened with the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, there seems to still have a presence of interest in making sure that the world never forgets about the brave men who floated at sea for days before being rescued. Furthermore, undergoing a top-secret mission for the president to have certain supplies…

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  • Tom Brady Research Paper

    League, and the biggest face of the New England Patriots organization, is Tom Brady. Brady, whom is one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks is commonly recognized in a lot of different ways. The many mixed emotions about Brady oppose to his abilities on the field, are a concern to many, and amazing to the others. He is pointed at as the greatest quarterback of all time, a cheater, a cry baby, a celebrity, and a role model for many. In my eyes, he is hands down the greatest quarterback to ever touch…

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  • Barry Sanders Research Paper

    Barry Sanders was born on July 16, 1968 in Wichita Kansans. His parents’ names are William and Shirley Sanders. When Sanders was a senior at Wichita Northern High School he had his chance to be a Running Back. Later he was recruited by Oklahoma State University. In his first year at Oklahoma State University he rushed for 2,628 yards and 37 touchdowns and won the Heisman Trophy in 1988 at the age of 20 for the O.S.U Cowboys. In 1989 Barry Sanders was drafted 3rd overall in the 1st round by the…

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  • Comparison Of Tom Brady Vs. Peyton Manningning

    He’s like a surgeon on the field, dissecting whatever defense he encounters. He’s one of the first QB’s to implement the no-huddle offense and switch the play up to confuse the defense. Most QB’s will go into a huddle with the rest of their offensive players and talk out the play their coach gave them. Manning, on the other hand can line his own offense up, look at the defense, and change the play according to what he anticipates the defense to do before the play even starts. His offensive…

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