Indigenous church mission theory

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  • Essay On Bi-Vocational Missionary

    would have a job and an opportunity to share Christ, why not do the same things in China, or Korea or another of the many “industrial” cities in the world? (Hoke and Taylor, 193) Another option for self-sustainability is micro loans. Many missions’ organizations such as the International Pentecostal Holiness Church are starting programs for indigenous Christians who wish to make a bigger impact in their community. These small business loans create a number of opportunities for the recipient. They get the chance to lift themselves out of poverty by having a steady income, which fosters a sense of independence, to form relationships with the people in their community and therefore chances to share the Gospel,…

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  • Essay On The Impact Of Christianity On Native American Religion

    The Impact of Christianity on Native People in North America With the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas, the Native or Indigenous people of the country have been under threat from both attacks by Christopher Columbus and the diseases he brought with him. The Natives were the true owners of the land of the Americas but it was sadly taken from them by invasion of the European. This was not the only thing taken, as this also led to the destruction of their religion. As Christianity…

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  • Anti-Colonialism And Postcolonialism

    1.1 Why Postcolonialism? It is difficult to say what postcolonialism exactly is. There is no ‘tradition’ per se as there is a philosophical tradition for deconstruction or psychoanalytical theory. In anti-colonial movements and postmodern critique of colonialism as a project of modernity one can find ideas that preceded postcolonial theory. The most important feature of postcolonialism is a shift in the dominant ways in which relations between Western and non-Western people and their worlds were…

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