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  • The Symbols Of Police Brutality

    grand jury decided to not indict Daniel Pantaleo (Lopez). As you can see just from those cases, neither of the officers were convicted of anything. They may have been fired as a result of their actions, but no one really served or did time for beating or taking someone’s life. There are many people who are trying to figure out what can be done so that police officers can get charged and convicted for the crimes they commit. But there are also many people trying to figure out what can be done, so that we the people do not put ourselves in those types of predicaments. Well here is a solution to both questions. Let’s start with what can be done so that police officers actually get convicted of their crimes instead of getting acquitted or no indictment at all. We can start by asking the legislatures to change the way grand jury presentations are conducted. Besides, they are the only ones who can change this. A grand jury presentation is an Ex Parte proceeding, meaning it is one sided. The grand jury and even the entire proceedings are controlled by the prosecutor. The evidence that goes in, the witnesses that goes in, and how the evidence is presented is all under the discretion of the prosecutor (JustiaLaw). There is no judicial oversight about how the case is going to be presented. So this means the defense attorney who is against the prosecutor has no idea of what is going on. Meaning, they do not know what is going to be presented. They do not know what witnesses are going…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Security Information Sharing Systems

    Introduction When determining what/how to share information between the private and public entities (federal, state, or local governments) it is necessary to identify what the laws and regulations apply. Some of the laws/regulations depend on which portion of government is attempting to share information. If the Federal government is attempting to share information then they must identify rules such as the Federal Guidance on the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 which encouraged…

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  • Jury Indictment Summary

    My news article this week pertains to a grand jury indictment, and where a case will proceed from there. The article I chose has to do with Mark Anthony Carpenter, who was indicted by a grand jury on murder and burglary charges. He is accused of shooting and killing his landlords, Gary and Bonnie Cavish. The next step in this case will be an arraignment in District Court. There, the charges against Mr. Carpenter will be read, and the judge will apprise him of his rights. He will then enter a…

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  • Malachi 3: 1-And The Indictment Against Israel

    This essay will discuss Malachi 3:1-7 and the Indictment against Israel. I will further discuss how it’s the last book before four hundred years of silence and how no prophetic word was spoken to the prophets again until John the Baptist. I will further discuss how the prophets before him looked forward to God’s emergence. I will elaborate on how the transitional nature of Malachi makes the book interesting to any individual concerned with the relationship between Judaism and Christianity as…

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  • Criticism Of The Declaration Of Independence

    the Declaration of Independence was mainly divided into five parts: exordium, indictment of King (26), the statement of a general political theory to which appeal is made, resume of 161 words of legal resources, and a peroration stating what Congress had done, we must not forget that most of these documents were criticized. The documents had a lot of hyperbolic language, but the colonists anyway used them to separate them from British Empire. Jefferson and other…

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  • Symbolism And Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

    From the release of the novel, until now, people consider To Kill a Mockingbird as a successful indictment of racism. However, should people really consider the text as a successful indictment of racism, while it uses racism to prove its points? The article, “Symbolism and Racism” by Adam Smykowski is one of the articles that think To Kill a Mockingbird successfully indicts racism. However, examples from the article “Racism in To Kill a Mockingbird” by Isaac Saney and To Kill a Mockingbird by…

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  • Analytical Essay: The Duty Of A Public Prosecutor

    The grand jurors listen to evidence and decide whether charges should be brought against an individual that’s if they decide to indict someone. “In the United States the prosecutor presents evidence at a hearing before a grand jury, which may or may not return an indictment for trial” (Prosecutor. (2014). Encyclopædia Britannica,) If the grand jury decides to indict it returns as a "true bill.", but if not the grand jury returns a "no bill". Although a jury can return a no bill it doesn’t mean…

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  • Analysis Of Americ Imagine The World Without Her

    America: Imagine The World Without Her by Dinesh D’Souza is centered around the idea of all the things that America has robbed people of. The film is not criticizing America or stating how America is a horrible place because Dinesh D’ Souza consistently said in the beginning of the film how he loves America, but he just does not agree with some of the things about how America came to be. He is in fact “shaming America” like scolding a child after a child has done something wrong. The film is…

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  • Bench Memorandum Case Study

    grant of immunity under 18 U.S.C. § 6002. Under the grant of immunity, Dunn testified and implicated Philip Musgrave in drug-related crimes. After Dunn’s testimony, Musgrave was indicted for conspiracy to manufacture and distribute methamphetamine. Following Musgrave’s indictment, on September 30, 1976, Dunn met with Musgrave’s attorney, Michael Canges, at Canges’ office. There, Dunn recanted his grand jury testimony. Dunn did so under oath and in front of a notary public, but without legal…

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  • Martha Stewart's Case: The Imclone System Inc.

    Faneuil told her the Waksals were selling their ImClone shares. It is seeking to have her barred from serving as a director of any public company, including her own, and to limit any executive role in a company. A third statement on June 18, made after the stock market closed, also repeated her contention that the $60-a-share price floor influenced her decision to part with her ImClone shares. ''On June 18, 2002, MSLO stock closed at $14.40,'' the indictment said. ''On June 19, 2002, the first…

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