Malachi 3: 1-And The Indictment Against Israel

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This essay will discuss Malachi 3:1-7 and the Indictment against Israel. I will further discuss how it’s the last book before four hundred years of silence and how no prophetic word was spoken to the prophets again until John the Baptist. I will further discuss how the prophets before him looked forward to God’s emergence. I will elaborate on how the transitional nature of Malachi makes the book interesting to any individual concerned with the relationship between Judaism and Christianity as well as with the general history of redemption and revelation.

Malachi was truly known to the author of Ecclesiasticus early in the 2nd century BC. In Hebrew, the name Malachi comes from a word meaning “messenger” which adds to Malachi’s responsibility as a prophet of the Lord, delivering God’s message. Malachi unfortunately doesn’t offer much info
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This emphasized in the opening of verse of the book of Malachi. The Lord declares his love for Israel, but Israel seems to question the Lords love. The people are reminded by the lord that he was loyal so the tension between Jacob and Esau would be fixed. The book of Malachi is rare, it gives God’s message in a question and answer structure. The Lord begins by making a declaration of the truth, but its rejected by the citizens. The Lord offers his people examples which help and prove the facts of his original testimony, in order to lead them to see their wickedness and repent.

Lastly, the Book of Malachi is an oracle. The word of the Lord to Israel through Malachi (1:1) This was gods warning that was used through Malachi to tell the people to look to God. As the final book of the Old Testament concludes, the statement of God’s justice and the promise of his return through the coming Messiah is clear in the ears of the Israelites. Four hundred years of silence develops, ending with a related message from God’s next prophet, John the Baptist,

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