Narrative Essay On The Day Of My Life

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The sun was beating down hard, making the snow sparkle, and the ice was shiny when the light hit it. When the bell rang the school doors opened, and we were greeted with the blast of cold air that came from that freezing cold Indiana day in February. It was the day that everything about my life was going to change. It was the day that I was no longer going to be comfortable with my surroundings, my life, or even myself. It was the day that my parents informed me that we would be leaving everything that I had every known. It was the day that we were moving two hours away to Indianapolis, but in my mind we might as well have moved across the country. I had been attending a private school since the young age of five. I had known many of the people that I went to school with since I first stepped through the doors of Blackhawk Christian School. I was now in fifth grade and was eleven years old. I was in class …show more content…
You will be attending a public school, in a great neighborhood, and we will be building a new house.” After she finished saying this, I don’t remember what was said after that. Everything she said was just a blur to me. All that was running through my head was, “I have to leave my school that I have been at since starting school, I have to leave my teachers that have been mentors to me, I have to leave all of my family, I have to leave the house that we just built and finished,” but the biggest thing that was going through my head, was all of the friends that I was going to have to leave behind. Six weeks later we had a semi packed up and we were heading out to a new place that was going to be completely different. When we pulled into the apartment that we would be living in until our house was built, I was suddenly taken back. It was all becoming so real. This was really happening and in just two short days I was going to be starting at a public school, where I knew no

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