Personal Narrative: Moving To Pennsylvania

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It never occurred to me that one day could completely change my life until March 12, 2011. I was fourteen years old living in Michigan, spending my Saturday playing at a volleyball tournament without a care in the world until my parents pulled me aside after losing in the semi-finals to tell me that we were leaving for Pennsylvania the next morning. My grandmother had stomach cancer and was dying; we were literally racing against the clock to make it to Pennsylvania before she passed away. Unfortunately, we did not make it to say goodbye to her.

The decision was made in the hospital as I held myself in one of the waiting room chairs that we were moving to Pennsylvania because my grandfather needed us. He is an alcoholic and my parents feared that her death would make everything even more difficult for him to stay sober. As a result, the house that I grew up in went up for sale and sold all within two months. We moved in mid-May, packing up our entire life into a moving truck without having the time to look back. We moved into the family home with my grandpa, although it felt so empty without my grandmother’s big personality that had always filled it.
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I have applied for an Orientation Weekend Leader and a Peer Mentor position for my senior year, in addition to continuing involvement in the Ignite Leadership Development Program, Student Occupational Therapy Association, and the Honors Program. I will continue to work for Student Activities both over the summer and during the school year. I aspire to expand on my current 292 hours of volunteer work to continue gaining invaluable experiences within the community. In addition, it is a goal of mine to continue to work hard and learn as much as I am able to in my classes to become the best future occupational therapist that I can

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