Personal Essay: No Turning Back At School

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The more I thought about this stuff though, the more I didn’t like where my thoughts headed. So again, I tried to block it all out of my mind for the time being thinking that a little break from all this negativity might just be what I needed to refocus myself. So, I decided to concentrate my thoughts on what I needed to do to get my driver’s license and some wheels already. I definitely knew that it meant being on my best behavior for now on if I wanted my parents to be the ones to buy me a car. Otherwise it meant I would be turning to the want ads where New York’s version of Ray Boone might be lurking and would soon be trying his damnedest to slide a finger or two down the crack of my ass. Also, there was college next fall I had to start thinking about. Ugh, this shit never ends. But honestly, at least being able to take my mind off of anything witchcraft seemed to do the trick because the next couple of days went by smoothly and without so much as a hitch. But unfortunately, I had lost track of time and before I knew it, my suspension was over and I was once again forced to go back to school.

No Turning Back
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When I had arrived I knew that I might be possibly walking into a lion’s den after what had happened last Friday so my guard was definitely up. A cold war was one thing, but after I had messed up Keri’s face and split open Hallie’s lip I reckoned at least on their part they’d want retribution and vengeance had. I had no doubt what-so-ever though that Keri and Hallie had by now recruited Harlin, Erik, and Donnie to help them seek payback. Especially, given that they had already thought I was the one responsible for trashing Harlin’s locker with the spoiled milk. So, I was pretty confident that they would be onboard with whatever the bitches had cooked up for

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