How Ice Fishing Changed My Life

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There are many events throughout a persons life that will change them forever. These events can shape the way that they will react in certain situations. While some of these events might be a horrific accident or it might be best thing that has ever happened to them, they all will affect them in a specific way. People will learn from their mistakes and that's what makes them stronger. I have had many past experiences that have shaped the way I live my life, but the one that I always think about is when I fell through the ice when I was little. Ice fishing was a huge part of my life when I was little and it still is today. Some of my greatest memories are from ice fishing. My dad and I would usually go every Sunday and listen to the vikings game on the radio while in our ice house. On this Sunday, nothing was different; My dad, my cousin Chris, and I all got up early to see if we could catch some nice walleyes on Lake Vermilion. We got to the fish house and my dad let me stay in the truck while he started the stove in our ice house. After everything was ready to go, all of us started fishing. It was sometime just before the vikings game and I went outside cool down. This is where it all went downhill. I was walking …show more content…
After I fell through the ice, I always take my time and I am very cautious when on the ice. I always have several tools that I think are essential for my safety if anything was to ever happen again. One tool is my ice picks; these will help me get a grip on the ice so I can pull myself up if I ever fall through again. Another tool is a flashlight, I carry it around just incase I need to signal someone if something were to happen or if it is dark outside and I need to see where I am going. Finally, I always have an extra set of clothes just incase I fell through. These are not all of the things that I carry with me when I go, but I think they are the most important for keeping someone safe when traveling on the

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