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  • Pros And Cons Of Living On Campus And Off Campus

    It is an on-going heated debate regarding on-campus and off-campus life as to which surpasses others. However both have their brighter and darker pictures, which make them equally a best choice for many and still in many ways, a bad one too. Living on campus and living off campus each one comes up with a diverse and significant kind of experience for the student. There are however pros and cons to each and it majorly depends on the student himself whether it is best suited for him to stay on-campus or off-campus. ( Living on-campus has undoubtedly numerous advantages for the students as it makes their lives less hectic and also a source of immense learning and socializing. As mentioned earlier there are pros and cons to each. Living on campus necessarily means that the student surpasses the comfort of his own home and travels to a new locality for the sake of living.…

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  • Gun On Campus

    having firearms on college campus will have more negative effects that outweigh the positives. By having firearms on campus we are at risk at having another University of Austin or Virginia Tech incident. Supporters of the open carry argue that in the case of an active shooter on campus the students and faculty armed with a permit to carry a handgun can protect the lives of many. Which is true to an extent, but many shooters are normally not only armed with assault weapons but also an array of…

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  • Essay On Campus Shooting

    discussing how laws should and will be changed due to all these atrocious incidents. Americans are devastated every time articles get published with heading such as, “Campus Shootings”, “15 Student Lives Lost due to School Shootings”, and so forth. Open fire on campus could prevent assaults for potential victims, although it can spur a different problem such as constant tension, suspicion and…

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  • Importance Of Campus Safety Essay

    The Safety of College Campuses today Campus safety was not always a major priority for many universities a decade ago. This unfortunately came at a price for one school back in 2007. On April 16th, a Virginia tech Senior managed to kill a total of 32 people and wounding 17 others on campus. If a single shooter managed to hurt and kill a total of 49 people on two different parts of campus, it was clear that Virginia tech had a major weakness involving campus safety resources. Jill Castellano a…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Alcohol On Campus

    David Cheng (2004) an assistant dean at Columbia University commented on the importance of campus communities in “Students’ Sense of Campus Community: What it Means and What to do About It” saying that “In order for students to have a sense of campus community, student affairs administrators should strive to build a community that…celebrates traditions and heritage of the institution…”. There are no major traditions at AU. Touching the eagle as you head into Bender Arena during convocation…

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  • Essay On Gun Violence On Campus

    Would Concealed Carry Deter Violence on Campus? How many people do you see every day that carry a gun on them? I am betting that you don’t see anyone besides police officers. If people get into a car crash and the driver was drunk, do we blame the car? No we blame the driver so what’s the different with guns. Gun are not the problem that we are having, it’s the people that give guns a reputation. People carry guns not to cause or even seek to find trouble, but just that slim chance that your…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Violence On Campus

    Gun Violence on campus has been a recurring issue in the past several years with several instances of the mass shooting like the ones in Arizona state university and on Virginia tech. “.Timothy Wheeler wrote a piece called “There 's a reason they choose schools” which was published On May 1,2007,in the issue of National Review.In this article,Wheeler talks about how there may need to be a need to allow guns on campus so we can better protect ourselves against shooters.Another piece used is the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Campus Safety

    Campus safety has always been a major priority for most colleges across the country. This unfortunately wasn’t the case for some universities back then. On April 16, 2007, a Virginia tech Senior managed to kill a total of 32 people on campus. Campus safety soon than became an important issue for universities around the nation and the outcome of this incident is best described as a “trigger for the growing number of campus safety resources nationwide”, said by Jill Castellano. As every year…

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  • College Essay On Campus Security

    Freeze! Security or No Security? What makes you feel so safe on campus? Is it living next door to a police station or is there any security at all? College campuses have brainwashed you and your parents believing you inevitably safe and you possibly are not Enjoying class and earning a degree has never had a security issue? Or has it? College campus has lately been danger zones in the recent years involving rape, assault, robbery and feeling unsafe in a learning environment. Security on…

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  • Annotated Bibliography On Campus Safety

    Campus Safety: An Annotated Bibliography Bagenstos, Samuel R. "What went wrong with Title IX?" Washington Monthly Sept.-Oct. 2015: 68+. PowerSearch. Web. 10 Nov. 2015. In the article What went went wrong with Title IX, author Bagenstos talked about an important problem occurring in almost every college and university. Bagenstos main focus was how the Obama administration 's Department of Education has taken a huge and strong step on Title IX of the education amendments against violence…

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