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The emergence of Kickstarter has changed the environment for Start-ups. People can have an idea, whether it be a film, a product, a book, etc. and post it on the site and people can fund this project. In the curated section called, “Greek dads”, I found two projects. The first one is called the “Fidget cube”, and the second project is called “Superb Wooden Marble Run”. I will be explaining these in the following paragraphs.

First let 's start with the Superb Wooden Marble Run. This is there first project to ever start on and are hoping for a great outcome in there project with lots of backers and potential funding for their project to take off. Their goal is to reach $31,852 dollars. The inventor of this project is named Nicki
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It 's not a cube that fidgets on its own, but a cube that you can fidget with anywhere and anytime. The Fidget cube is created by Matthew and Mark McLachlan. There set money goal for this Kickstarter project is only 15,000 dollars which is quite a lot of money and backers that you need, but as I last checked they have reached a set money goal passed what they were hoping for at just a shy of 6 million dollars for there Fidget Cube.The fidget cube has 10 different colors like white, black, retro etc.They got there idea by fidgeting with a pen, like most people like to fidget under stress or they just can 't help it. The fidget Cube is quite neat, it has six sides on the cube that you can fidget …show more content…
It also mentioned that twenty seven pieces of wooden blocks have integrated magnets that can help you form any kind of puzzle or maze that will get your marble from point A to point B. I like being creative and creating my own things so I could play with the Super Marble Run for hours so in all it’s a great project. The last project is the Fidget Cube, it’s a six sided cube that has six different fidget tools such as a Click, Glide, Flip, Breathe, Roll and Spin. The Fidget Cubes main purposes is for you to stop fidgeting with a pen on tapping your leg up and down and annoying other people. Its also designed to help you focus and not be distracted and calm you or your anxiety down. It can even help you focus on presentations, I know many people get very nervous during presentations and end up speaking really fast almost to the point you can 't hear the presentation or didn’t hear all the information, which in fact has a side just for that and it’s the Breathe side, it’s a indention in the cube and its based off of traditional worry stones that will help you calm down. I know I struggle with presentations and like to fidget with things and lose focus in class. That’s why I think the Fidget Cube would be the best place for me to donate my five hundred dollars too. Although the Super Marble Run has some amazing ideas I think I have to go with the Fidget Cube, it can

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