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  • Through The Woods Short Story

    Through the woods, one can find many things: both expected and unexpected. However, there is a reason children are told never to play in the forest at night. This collection of trees and wildlife is dark, mysterious, and incredibly thick. The tall trees seem to radiate a sense of wonder, yes, but also terror. A place of mystery, this is by no means a place for children. Suddenly, a young boy in a green cape breaks through the trees. He is being chased by unseen forces. Although they are never seen, the terror on the boy’s face relays the danger of his pursuers. He runs and runs, stopping only to catch his breath before taking off again. Every time he stops, it is only for a short while, as the drums get louder with each break he takes. Finally, he is able to hide, and the drums of his pursuers fade away. His relief is short lived, however, for the boy realizes he does not know where he is, much less how to escape. The boy picks himself up and looks around, seeds of fear building into his heart. He is frantic, he is completely lost. He takes on a quick pace as he looks around for any sort of landmark to orient himself, but it’s no use. This part of the woods is…

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  • Running Into The Woods: A Short Story

    Andrew. They were both fairly mischievous as children, And they decided that they needed weapons to play cops and robbers effectively. They also wanted to make armor they told me, but apparently grandpa didn 't know how to make wooden armor sadly. They told me of their adventures when they were just kids, Running around the woods getting poison ivy. But eventually they struggle through their challenges and reach their goals. On a gentle summer afternoon around 15 years ago, a young boy named…

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  • Theme Of Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

    In “Stopping by the Woods on a snowy evening”, Robert Frost who is the author, constructs a hidden message of suicide throughout the poem. The narrator of the story takes a stroll through the woods, beside him is his horse and his slay. While he is attracted to the excellence of the forested areas, his horse shakes his harness bells to imply he must go home. The horse makes it known that he has commitments at home but that doesn’t pull him far from the charm of nature. On the other hand, is he…

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  • Narrative Essay About Lost In The Woods

    Jacky Barrera October, 8th, 2015 Lost In The Woods "Have you ever gotten lost with your best friend in the woods?". If you haven't, you don't want to be lost in the woods with a stubborn person, or maybe a klutz and especially if they get really scared with the smallest things that a five years old would be laughing at. Well once a month on the first Friday's of the month me and my best friend always go to the woods, their is no reason why we do it but it's something that naturally happened. …

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  • Elliot Porter Path In The Woods Analysis

    Elliot Porter is a writer and photographer. He found new ways to present the natural world. When I looked at his pictures, I felt like I was standing right next to him as he was taking the picture. “Path in the Woods,” reminded me of camping with my family when I was a young girl. My mother would take us for long walks in the woods. I remember how quiet everything was and thinking we were the first ones to ever be on the path. When I saw “Path in the Woods,” the path appeared untouched by human…

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  • The Man In The Woods And The Summer People By Kelly Link

    write something of their own. They add to the ongoing conversation. Sometimes, experimentation with writing happens as writers feel the need to, maybe not say something completely new, but to say it in an innovative way. This is how new genres, such as American fabulism, are born, coming out of comparable stories like “The Man in the Woods” by Shirley Jackson and “The Summer People” by Kelly Link. There are many distinguishable features belonging to fabulist stories, so many that not all of them…

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  • Tiger Woods Personality

    Tiger Woods, one of the most well-known and decorated golfers of all-time, is responsible for revolutionizing the sport of golf to where it is today. To really understand Tiger, it starts when he was born. He was an only child of Earl and Kultida Woods and his parents recognized his talent at a young age. He grew up playing golf with his father, where he possessed a deep passion for the game. He received support from home, with his parents constantly encouraging him that he could be the best.…

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  • Chapter Essay: Sammy Boy's Journey To The Woods

    Sammy boy lived in a small town behind the mountains. One day, he decided to venture into the woods that were on the other side. He set off early in the morning and walked for hours, trekking up and down the hills, running happily through the fields, wadding across the river till he finally got to the woods. He was very proud of having made such a long journey. The place was full of beauty and he wanted to see it all. He walked and walked, getting hold of small stones of different shapes and…

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  • Summary Of Winnie Tuck's Short Story: A Walk In The Woods

    When Winnie Tuck was very young, merely the age of eight and one quarter, she was told that she could live forever. This wasn’t a fairytale told by her mother or teacher, but rather a fact that she had seen up close and personal. One sunny day, Winnie had become upset with her mother and ran away to seek independence. She walked into the woods in her backyard and came across a dashing young man. He went by the name of Jesse Tuck. Winnie recalled the story and remembered how she saw Jesse…

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  • Building Height Regulation: In-Design/Unrealized Mass Wood Construction

    The Unknowns Even if I, personally, adore the idea of skyscrapers made out of wood, the sensation of warmth you get when you walk into a wooden building, or all the benefits this planet would have if we would start constructing using wood more often, I cannot ignore the fact that there are many questions to be answered regarding the subject. Questions like, how high can we build or how is the building going to be protected against fire-considering that the main material is wood after all-,…

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