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  • Personal Narrative: The Sasser Virus

    This week has been crazy; all you could see in the news is about this stupid Sasser virus. I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. I am a bit scared…or maybe worried. Yeah, worried is a better term. The National Health and Safety Corporation said they would be able to give us more information about the virus in time as they study it. I hope this is just another temporary scare. But some good is coming out of it--my sister Camilla who lives with my aunt and uncle in Idaho is coming down here to stay. Our parents believe it would be safer, just in case this virus lasts longer than expected. So I was wrong… I was so wrong. The virus is worse and deadlier than I thought, to go into detail. The Sasser virus was started in East Asia by a mutant pig. Basically if you get infected you would start seeing signs after five days. It takes you three days to transform into a zombie-like creature. On the first day you start bleeding but the bleeding isn’t normal. You’ll bleed from your ears, eyes, mouth and fingers. On the second day your skin is as pale as snow because you’ve lost so much blood. You look like a corpse. But it gets worse; your skin begins to blister and puss gushes out like little volcanoes. On the third day (which I call the transformation day) you go brain-dead. People believe that they still have souls and can be transformed back but that doesn’t make any sense to me because they attack people. They don’t have eyes (or rather they can’t see) but they can sense…

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