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  • Essay On Navy Seal

    The Navy Seals are the most elite and feared people in the military. From Sea, Air, and Land, is what the Navy Seal stands for they train for them all and can fight anywhere in any condition. In 1962, the Navy seals were made by JFK. If you are really looking to be a seal you will have to go through tons of difficult training that will push you to your limits. The training is split into three incredibly hard phases that you have to go through if you plan to be a seal, and these phases are not going to be easy to get through. The first phase is eight weeks long, but if you are injured during training, you will be sent all the way back to the beginning and have to do it all over again. It has a two and three-mile timed run, physical training, one to two-mile ocean swims, and an obstacle course that is meant to hurt and make you super tired. This is an everyday thing for the Seals after you start your training. Most Seal missions are in secret and that is why we do not hear about them. The Seals only train with a couple of people in there groups. They train like this because once they are sent out on a mission they are only in small teams. The Seals are not made for everyone, only 80% of the people who try to become one, fail or end up dropping out. To become a Seal, you must have dedication, hard work, and a lot of commitment and more. There is also something called Hell Week, which is the defining event of BUD/S training. It is in the 3rd week of First. Hell Week consists of…

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  • Tally In Uglies

    All an ugly has ever dreamt of is to be pretty. What does is mean to be pretty? Does it mean just a symmetrical face, exquisite bone structure, and flawless skin? Or is there so much more that is all kept a secret? In Scott Westerfeld’s novel, Uglies, Tally Youngblood is just another ugly longing for her sixteenth birthday on which she is to turn pretty. All is well until she finds out that being pretty isn’t really as beautiful as it seems. Throughout the novel the theme of appearance showed…

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  • Examples Of Betrayal In The Uglies

    the relationship it hurts Peris the worst. Thinking that Peris was betraying Tally and not going with them, it made her choice herself over him, and this shows how she loves her dreams more. Even though they love each other, they picked themselves because the pain and betrayal was worse for if they betrayed themself rather than betraying each other. They had a greater love for their dreams. In the third book, the narrator says about Tally, "Tally hadn’t forgotten that it was David’s mother who…

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  • Analysis Of Tally's Pretties And Specials

    change is being forced upon us.” In Tally’s world no words could be more true. Pretties and Specials are the second and third books in the Uglies series. Within the trilogy the story follows Tally, a young girl who finds out what is truly happening in her society. In Tally’s futuristic city people undergo an operation on their sixteenth birthday to become a “Pretty” the operation alters their looks and their brains. During the operation a lesion is put in everyone’s brain to make them forget…

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  • The Uglies Book Report

    Cable, David, the rangers, and David’s parents. Dr. Cable is the leader of the city and works at a place called special circumstances. David is the leader of a secret city called the smoke; it was formed by David’s parents who are runaway doctors from the big city consisting of: New pretty town and Uglyville. The rangers take care of the forest and all of the plants outside of the city. They live in their own city by themselves. The Uglies is the beginning of a very long story, starting with…

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  • Mars Surveyor Project Case Study

    NASA Overview The Mars Surveyor Program (MSP) was managed under the cheaper, better, faster paradigm at the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA). This corporate culture created an environment which challenged NASA engineers to develop innovative, cost saving processes when designing and developing projects. This paradigm did have drawbacks though; putting too much emphasis on decreasing cost, and failing to integrate risk management in their projects. Ultimately, this mindset led…

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  • Analysis Of 35P Military Occupational Specialty

    Soldiers in the 35P Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) face many challenges as the progress through their language school and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). They spend six to 18 months focusing all their attention on learning a second language at an accelerated pace and when they have accomplished that daunting task they are sent to Goodfellow Air Force Base to learn the technical aspect of their MOS, usually another three or four months of training. By the time a 35P Soldier arrives at…

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  • Special Needs Children

    “What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning” (Grassley). Special needs children are picked on and made fun of more than what people consider normal children. The children with special needs are sometimes made to feel ugly, unwanted, different, and many other things by their peers. Our goal is to make the special needs children feel wonderful about themselves. Make them believe that they are just as…

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  • Section 504 Case Study

    disability and this particular group encounters everyday struggles with daily life activities. Also, Congress claimed it unlawful to discriminate towards an individual with a disability because of a natural occurrence of human life. Overall, the ultimate goal of Title 29 was to empower individuals requiring special needs to integrate themselves as members of society. Section 794 expands Title 29, by indicating the agencies and organizations that are required to assist persons with disabilities. …

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  • Career: My Dream Career

    children life skills and basic literacy. The duties and responsibility of this job will be to develop Individualized Education Programs, also known as IEP’s, for each student. To plan, organize, and assign activities that are specific to each student’s abilities. Those are just some of the duties that special education teachers have, but the duties will vary by the type of setting they work in, student disabilities, and teacher specialty. The work day and hours a special education teacher will…

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