The Uglies Book Report

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The Uglies written by Scott Westerfeld was published by Simon Pulse Publishing on May 2011 and contains 406 pages. The Uglies is a science fiction novel about Tally Youngblood, a teenage girl, living in Uglyville, who is trying to decide the truth of the pretty operation and the importance of her friends. The Uglies is the first of the four books in the Ugly series.
Tally Youngblood, the main character in this novel, is a fifteen year old girl that lives in Uglyville. The author makes Tally seem skinny super athletic and super pretty, but in the city she lives in she is only considered ugly until she receives the remarkable pretty operation. The antagonists are Tally’s friends Peris and Shay. Their actions seem to be similar to two
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Cable, David, the rangers, and David’s parents. Dr. Cable is the leader of the city and works at a place called special circumstances. David is the leader of a secret city called the smoke; it was formed by David’s parents who are runaway doctors from the big city consisting of: New pretty town and Uglyville. The rangers take care of the forest and all of the plants outside of the city. They live in their own city by themselves.
The Uglies is the beginning of a very long story, starting with Tally Youngblood wants to become pretty but special circumstances and Dr. Cable won't allow her to do so, until she gives them the information they want. Tally is sent on a mission by them as a spy to discover the truth about all the people who leave the city each year. When doing so she learns a little truth about the city, herself.
Uglies is written in third person limited because it tells the story through the thoughts and eyes of one character. The way Westerfeld describes the story is remarkable with this tense, although at times omniscient would be nice to see what other characters are thinking. Westerfeld has a way of captivating the actions of the character while using this tense too. The author doesn’t use a first person word choice or sense because with all the characters in the story it would be hard to use the words I and we all the
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It has good word choices and descriptive words, describes the scenes and the plots well, uses suspense to let the reader guess what will happen before it actually does, and if you have no clue what is going to happen it eventually gives the answers. On the down side, it does have a few weaknesses. Throughout the beginning of the book it is hard to understand the reasoning for Tally’s actions, but eventually, the questions are answered even it might have been longer than expected. Tally at times seems to have way to much going on, in addition to that readers can have trouble processing all the

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