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  • Food For The Soul Analysis

    Food for the soul, or as writer for the New York Times Nicholas Kristof would argue, food without a soul. In the Opinions section, Kristof details his experiences with rural farming and provides a few facts about the counterpart to rural farming: industrial agriculture. This article’s main focus is to provide information about farming, with a bias towards rural farming, as Kristof comes from that background. His article accomplishes this goal with heartfelt stories, a knowledgeable friend, and facts about industrial farming. He is effective at reaching people of varied backgrounds and opinions. The author’s purpose is to present information on both ways of farming and his underlying bias towards rural farming. This article has three main parts to serve his…

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  • Soul Food Analysis

    The movie Soul Food unfolds the story about how important family truly is. As the story is being narrated by one of the children, Ahmad, he is able to paint a picture showing how the family is held together by Mother Joe. Regardless of how people in the family were feeling towards one another, come Sunday dinner, those feeling were put aside because being together as a family was more important than any individual feuds that were going on. Once the family loses Mother Joe, we begin to see the…

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  • Summary Of Soul Food

    Soul Food is based on an African American family who learns how to love and work together as a family after the tragic death of the mother of the family, Momma Joe. Momma Joe is the matriarch of the family who express the importance of family through Sunday dinners which she held over week for forty years. The story is narrated by her grandson, Ahmad, who loves his grandmother dearly. Momma Joe has three, Teri, Maxine, and Bird, who each have a issue in which they are struggling with. Teri is a…

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  • Soul Food Junkies Analysis

    An American Tragedy “Soul Food is death food, it will kill you”. This bold statement was uttered by civil rights advocate, Dick Gregory in the PBS film, Soul Food Junkies”. Today’s African-Americans are marching, in step, to a slow death. Taken from their homeland and inducted into slavery, in Africa about 80 per cent of the diet was organic and consisted mainly of fruits and vegetables with little meat, mostly roasted. The African-American diet which was healthy and nutritious has been…

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  • Soul Food Film Analysis

    the actions you take, family will always forgive and protect you. In the movies, In America, The Family Stone, and Soul Food, we view three very different families dealing with different issues. However, regardless of what the families had to deal with during the movies, they always came together in the end. Each family was different in unique ways, and they were faced with different obstacles throughout…

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  • African American Soul Food

    Food is simply what people put into their stomach when they feel hungry. However, African Americans who lived under slavery often times couldn't even accomplish the basic task of acquiring food as easily as we do today. Now I am here taking African American Studies class and learning about all the difficulties African Americans had to go through over the years. When we were discussing the conditions of African American families and how they survived under these circumstances through subsistence…

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  • Case Study: Savanna Georgia

    with sides like corn pudding or collard greens. The array of sides is extensive. This is food like your grandma made. Offering everything from salads and sandwiches to meatloaf, Sweet Potatoes is sure to satisfy your appetite. "Never seen so many tasty sides to choose from." says Nancy L. of Savannah…

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  • Brief Summary: The Role Of Soul Food In Black Culture

    As stated in the very beginning, soul food is a tradition that holds true to the identity of what it means to be black. The term ‘Soul food’ originated in the south during the civil rights movement of the mid1960s. The term ‘soul’ was commonly used in black culture, such as “soul music,” “soul men,” etc. The style of soul food derived from the African American slavery background. Slave owners had total control of the amount of food that my enslaved ancestors received. Their diets consisted of…

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  • Family Differences In The Movie, Soul Food, Big Mama

    Each family has their differences. No family is perfect. There comes a time in each family’s lives when their differences can set them aside and even start to pull them apart. It always seems there is one person who can help keep them together. However, when that one person is no longer with us, it takes a toll and soon things start to spiral more and more out of control. It is not until one person decides their family’s legacy is more important than the differences and past heartache. In the…

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  • In The Mind Of A Madman In Dante's Inferno

    mind of a madman. The first pit is the home of the gluttons, and the most famous glutton is Andres Moreno who has consumed the most food of any mortal and given little effort to resolve this problem other than resorting to medical processes in the hope to…

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