Hudson Bay

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  • Hudson Bay Company History

    what group owned what section of land. Not only did the groups making the borders have to deal with individual land claims, but they had to consider the claim of large organizations who owned millions of acres of land. One company which owned large amounts of Canada was the Hudson Bay Company. The Hudson Bay company was able to greatly impact early North America because of its long history, tireless workers, and economic power. Due to the fact that the Hudson Bay Company has been around for such a long time, it has been able to have a constant say in major events in North America. The Hudson Bay company…

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  • Hudson Bay Case Study

    The Role of the Hudson Bay Company: 1. What was the Hudson Bay Company? When was it created? The iconic, Hudson’s Bay Company was a North American operation, created from the demand for the popular 17th century, beaver fur felt hats. King Charles II financially backed French traders, Medard Chouart des Groseilliers and Pierre-Esprit Radisson’s idea, of creating a trading company in 1670 , around the Hudson Bay, which would give them easier access to the financially growing products of the new…

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  • Cree Tribe

    and Naskapi. Together, they are known as the Innu. The land they live in is referred to as the Nitassinan. Another language is called the Attikamekw. They are also inhabitants of the area they refer to as Nitaskinan, also known as “Our Land”. It is located in the upper Saint Maurice River valley of Quebec. The Attikamekw has about 4,500 speakers. In addition to the Cree Indians, there is another language called the James Bay Cree, also known at the Grand Council of the Crees. The population is…

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  • My Native American Experience

    It seems as though even as a Navigator, seeing everything with my eyes taught me the rights and the wrongs of that I was doing. My education was a hands on experience of real life whenever I ventured on a voyage or exploration. On my voyages I have made frequent achievements. To start off, on June 27, 1607 in Spitsbergen, I was awestruck with the fairly large amount of whales and walruses that I saw. My finding led to the making of the Spitsbergen whaling industry where whales are processed by…

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  • Abuse Of Power In The Madonnas Of Echo Park By Skyhorse

    People have known that people who are rich can do whatever they want. All that money they have, they can spend as much as they want with no complaint. Especially that power they have which makes it easier for them to enjoy life. While the poor have no power so they can’t do whatever they mostly want. They also can’t spend a lot since they don’t earn as much as a rich person. We don’t have much of a choice to obey so we can earn money. But the rich abuse their power and use the poor people like…

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  • Power In Silver Sparrow

    Secrecy and Power Hidden in the Silver Sparrow. Silver Sparrow is a novel based on lies, secrecy, and bigamy. Intertwined in this is the legitimate family to the character James Witherspoon, his wife Laverne and daughter Chaurisse. On the other hand is his illegal wife Gwendolyn and illegitimate daughter Dana. These individuals are all intertwined within each other’s life, some of them know about the others and some are simply unknown. There is a certain power that lies within individuals who…

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  • Us Airways Flight 1549 Research Paper

    On January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549, an Airbus A320, took off from La Guardia with 150 passengers and 5 crew members, bound for Charlotte, NC. Three minutes into flight it struck a flock of Canada geese and lost power in both engines. Air controllers tried to divert the US Airways plane back to La Guardia or a nearby airport in New Jersey. Captain Chesley "Sully'' Sullenberger decided he did could not safely land the plane in either of the airports, and glided the plane into the Hudson. …

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  • The Devil And Tom Walker And Rip Van Winkle Compare And Contrast Essay

    fellow, with thick bushy hair, and a grizzled beard. He bore on his shoulder a stout keg full with liquor." In the stories, the mystical characters also have another similarity. The mystical character that Tom meets wants him to do a job, "All these were under his command . . . that none could find them but such as propitiated his favor." The Devil wanted Tom to sell his soul to him and become a loan shark. Similarly, the mystical character that Rip meets also desires for Rip to do a job, "He…

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  • Social Changes In The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution took place in 1760, this revolution economically and socially altered the way we live. Products were no longer made in small compacted cottages but instead, manufacturing took place in vast city factories. This created a colossal difference in our society today, which allowed for mass production. Mass production let us to create not several inventions in a short period of time, but thousands of them. The effectiveness of transportation has also changed dramatically,…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Life Of A Military Significant Other

    The life of a military significant other is one ever so admired. Many people think this is absolutely something that they’d love, to be in a relationship with a soldier; others, wouldn’t ever dream of it. Though, many look upon it as such a romantic life style. Well, news flash, it’s a royal pain in the ass. You can go days, weeks, sometimes even months without having the chance to speak to one another. So many that are in this lifestyle, though they may hate it, they love it. They all know that…

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