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  • Why Does Frankfurt Think Bs Is Worse Than Lying Analysis

    All seas are saline Some seas are landlocked Therefore: Some saline things are landlocked Major Term: Landlocked (D=0) Minor Term: Saline (D=0) Middle Term: Seas (D=1) Premise 1: All seas are saline is an A statement because it is a universal affirmative. It is talking about all seas in a positive way. If it were to say that all No seas are landlocked then it would be an example of an E statement since it would be talking about all saline things in a negative way. Premise 2: Saline is the minor term in this statement because it is the first term in the conclusion. This is an I statement because it is talking about some seas in a positive way. If it were to say, “Some seas are not landlocked,” it would be an example of an O statement since it would be talking about some seas in a negative way. Conclusion: Some saline things are landlocked is also an I statement which is a particular affirmative. This is because it talks about particular seas in a positive way. If the sentence were to say some saline things are not landlocked, then it would be an O statement since it is talking about some saline things in a negative way. This is a true statement. For the following syllogisms, answer all the questions below. All blue whales are large No large things are goldfish Therefore: Some goldfish are blue whales Major Term: Blue Whales (D=1) Minor Term: Goldfish (D=1) Middle Term: Large (D=1) Premise 1: All blue whales are large is an example of an A statement since it is…

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  • Nihilism In Elie Wiesel's Nemo Nobody

    "As long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible.” 118 year old Nemo Nobody is the last living mortal in a world where something called telemerization has created a population of semi-immortals . He tells of his life at three critical points: at age nine, age sixteen, and age thirty-four. This is no ordinary story however, as he tells of alternate life paths, often changing course with the flick of a decision or by some seemingly insignificant event. One path leaves Nemo married to…

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  • Radiolab Episode On Music Language Essay

    listened the RadioLab episode on music language. I chose this one because, being a musician myself, I’ve always been interested in the psychology behind music, specifically why certain sounds can so drastically alter our emotion. After all, they’re all just vibrations. So what is it about some vibrations that make them so much more significant to us than others? This is one of the primary questions addressed in this podcast. In discussing how music affects us emotionally, the hosts referred to…

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  • Dual Polymodality

    Composers and scholars have not agreed on what each term exactly means, and its scope. Perhaps as a result of its wide acceptance, the term polytonality lacks accuracy as a descriptive category. Béla Bartók’s explanation of both this terms, is one of the most radically different to the rest of composers and scholars. For him, the difference relies in the amount of tonal centers. While polytonality must have two or more tonal centers with identical or different scales, polymodality needs only…

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  • Analysis Of Beethoven's String Quartet Op 18 No 4

    the implication that the first movement sonata form has indeed been emancipated from the looming tyranny of the minor key and that the movement will, in fact, end in C major as opposed to C minor. In measure 194, the ESC is presented as a strong C major chord which should indicate the emancipation of the movement; however, this is not the case. As the closing material quickly continues, E-flats are reintroduced signaling that the outcome of the struggle between major and minor has not yet been…

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  • The Absolute Dairy

    The two team fought against each other at the beginning of the basketball season and Reardan lost to wellpinit, so now they are seeking to take back the title of the number one basketball team in the region. During their first game agaisnt eachother Rowdy had knocked Junior out of the game by giving him a minor concussion,so now Junior wants revenge and he wants to beat Rowdy at his own…

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  • Moon Observation

    the sky was the Big Dipper just more lower and spread out in front of my face. The Little Dipper was harder to see and not too much farther but I had to look harder to see it. November first week Grus was observed. Gras filled the top upper right side then Sculptor was observed. In the middle of November Sculptors and Phoenix this part of night the moon was up half of the day. The earths orbits once a month. Aldebaran was disappear behind moon side then it reappear at it dark side. That was an…

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  • Do You Agree With Abortion

    Abortion is a safe and legal way to terminate a pregnancy although, many Americans do not agree with abortion being legal. In the court case of Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court ruled against abortion except when necessary to save the life of the mother was constitutional.(Yeoman para 5) Twenty-eight years later, public support for abortion rights sought to discreetly stop the procedure with legislation. (Yeoman para 5) Abortion is difficult to acquire now due to having parent…

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  • Composing Music In Video Games

    specifically sad ones. Sad music helps put anthesis on sad movie scenes (“Sad Music”) Composing sad sounding music is a good way to portray sadness. “A key is a pattern of notes that make up a scale.” (“Sad Music”) Choosing a scale is an important part of composing music, because the pattern dictates how the song will sound. Minor keys help make music more sad (“Sad Music”) Minor keys are key signatures with odd patterns that naturally sound sad. Using these keys make it much easier to make…

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  • Heptatonic Scales

    Formations Since the early twentieth century certain theorists and composers sought to expand the number of available synthetic scales for composition. In 1907 the Italian composer Ferruccio Busoni (1866–1924) as part of an examination of the tonal system based on what he called “the two Series of Seven,” meaning the major and minor keys in relation to the chromatic scale, attempted to write all the possible heptatonic (seven-tone) scales in his book Sketch of a New Esthetic of Music. Busoni…

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