Do You Agree With Abortion

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Abortion is a safe and legal way to terminate a pregnancy although, many Americans do not agree with abortion being legal. In the court case of Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court ruled against abortion except when necessary to save the life of the mother was constitutional.(Yeoman para 5) Twenty-eight years later, public support for abortion rights sought to discreetly stop the procedure with legislation. (Yeoman para 5) Abortion is difficult to acquire now due to having parent involvement for minors, mental health of women, and gestational time limits.
One in three abortions occurs in minors eighteen or younger. (Hasselbacher para 1) Thirty-eight states have laws requiring minors parents involved before an abortion takes place
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(Upadhyay para 1) Women who have abortions during the second trimester usually planned on having the procedure earlier but have an excuse such as work, travel, expenses, etc. (Upadhyay para 1) These delays often result in women being denied the abortion due to the gestational age limits. (Upadhyay para 1) Upadhyay states in paragraph 2 “Roe v. Wade did not specify the gestational age for viability. Many states have set the upper gestational limit at twenty-four weeks after a woman’s menstrual period. 8 states have lowered the upper gestational limit to twenty weeks and one state to eighteen weeks.” Few clinics provide abortions after the first trimester forcing women to travel farther to a clinic that will do a later abortion. Although most women do not find the decision to abort difficult, some do, and it appears to be more difficult for women seeking termination later in pregnancy. (Nancy E. Adler Para 11) “Whereas only 7% of 100 first-trimester patients studies by Osofsky et al. [17] reported initial indecision and 12% reported difficulty in deciding about abortion, corresponding figures among 200 second-trimester patients were 36 and 51%.” Women undergoing second-trimester abortions also report more emotional distress after abortion than do those terminating first-trimester pregnancies. The average cost for an abortion at ten weeks is $543 compared to $1562 for an abortion

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