Adoption Is A Better Alternative To Abortion In The United States

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Abortion is to deliberately terminate your pregnancy. There is 50 million abortions a year and up to 125,000 a day. Women have three options when pregnant, to plan an adoption, be a parent or have an abortion. Most women who have an abortion are not married and have no social support. Planned parent hood is changing the way society sees abortion. There is always a solution and a better alternative to abortion, which is adoption. This gives the infant a chance to live their life to the fullest. Pro-life should be for everyone. Killing an unborn baby is murder and should not be accepted in todays society. Adoption is a way for a mother to give the child up but also be giving the child to have accomplishments, goals, and truly succeed in life. …show more content…
Recent statistics show that twenty-one percent of all pregnancies end in abortion. Studies reveal that at least half of American women have an abortion; this was a one and ten woman in 2008. 1973 was a major turning point in the United States. The Roe v. Wade decision took place. This was when the Supreme Court ruled that women, in consolation with their personal physician, have a protected right to have an abortion within their early pregnancy. Most women see as having an abortion as their only choice. They lack support financially as well as socially. “Without social support, women who may want to bear children will choose abortion over adoption”(Siegel, R, & Blustain, S. 2006). The majority of people with the occupation of abortion are in the belief that the unborn child is not fully considered as human but just a fetus inside a woman. “Abortionist refuse to think of an unborn baby as human. It is a fetus or piece or tissue. The baby’s body parts have more value to the abortionist than the baby does. Calling it a fetus is the way of denying humanity, making it easier to kill” (Segroves, G. …show more content…
Women would rather terminate their babies life than have then live through going to house to house and never have a home with a family. Teen moms still want to peruse their life and its difficult for them to live their everyday life trying to take care of a child when most tees can barley take care of themselves. Many moms don’t want to go through the pregnancy just to give their child up. And most women who are planning on having an abortion then go through the pregnancy gaining a bond with the baby and once they see the ultra sound there mind is changed and don’t want to terminate the baby. Abortion is one of the world’s most common procedures. About 35 out of every 1000 women are going to have an abortion. This is the world we live in, where everyone does what they think will benefit

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