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  • Prologue Of Jamestown Essay

    Prologue “Come on, it’s leaving!” “You know, maybe I’m having second thoughts on this whole ‘Jamestown’ ordeal…” “Aw you’re just scared, what do think will happen? Us get stranded or something? As if!” Ok fine, let me bring an extra flare gun in case something does happen. Let’s get going!” It was the 10th of December, 1606 when John Lorell and his close friend, Thomas Locke, boarded the Discovery, the smallest of the three ships sailing to create the first successful colony in North America. The two watched the harbor in London slowly shrink into nothingness as they day-dreamt about how wondrous this new colony would be once they got there. About 2½ months later, John and Thomas were on the lowest level of the ship, cowering from the raging…

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  • Flare Fragrances Case Study

    1.0 BACKGROUND OF CASE STUDY Flare Fragrances Co., a manufacturer of women’s perfumes and currently ranked 4th in U.S women fragrances market. The brand is “Loveliest” introduced in 1975 became their flagship brand for many years. Since 1996, Flare introduced new brand every 2 to 3 years with each brand will have their flagship brand “Loveliest” on its label. Their latest brand launched in 2006, namely “Natural” is targeting younger generation. As a result, by 2007 fragrances product line…

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  • Northern Lights Research Paper

    When the northern lights come out, it sometimes appears as if the sky is on fire. There is an eerie connection between the Sun and our planet’s atmosphere that can sometimes cause the sky to unexpectedly glow with shades of red, yellow, purple and green; an atmospheric phenomenon called the northern lights or Aurora Borealis. The Sun is constantly spraying the solar system with millions of tons of charged particles each minute. The stream of charged particles from the Sun, or solar wind,…

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  • Panama City Flare Sighting Case Study

    responded to a flare sighting south of Panama City, FL. The SAR Mission Coordinator (SMC) received three separate reports from sources they deemed reliable. Each of the three reports was extremely similar and able to be correlated with the others. The flares were described as red and above the horizon with an upward trajectory. The flare cones from each source overlapped and provided a searchable overwater area for responding units. The local military units were questioned regarding flare…

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  • Cosmic Radiation Research Paper

    This can be used to our advantage when we are sending astronauts in space because of the decrease in radiation, and then prevent to many astronauts from being sick from radiation. Also because we can send more astronauts since we know they are safe and gain more knowledge's about space during these solar flares. In a social perspective it would be smart to send astronauts during solar flares for their health. Another solution to prevent astronauts from being exposed to solar and cosmic radiation…

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  • Sunspot Research Paper

    The medium sized ‘M-class’ (Mid-sized solar flare) solar flares can release enough charge particles to strip electrons from the earth’s ionosphere blocking communications signals to and from the satellites. The ionosphere also begins bouncing off the particles and waves back into space colliding with the satellites communication waves and momentarily interrupting signals between the satellites and earth. When a large ‘X-class’ (largest of all solar flares) solar flare occurs it carries enough…

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  • Solar Flarees Research Paper

    On September 6, the sun let its presence be felt by unleashing two massive solar flares. The first eruption, classified as an X2.2 flare, the strongest since 2008, occurred at 5:10 a.m. ET. Shortly after, at 8:02 a.m ET, the star spewed out a bigger, and more dramatic, X9.3 flare — the strongest on record since December 2006. Solar flares, or storms, beginning with an explosion usually above a sunspot, the area where strong magnetic fields poke through the sun's surface. When these spots become…

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  • Risk Benefit Analysis Essay

    Mainly, flare stacks are used when unplanned over-pressuring of a vessel occurs. This type of gas disposal is sometimes overlooked and not kept up to the regulations. Therefore, some flare stacks release harmful gases into the atmosphere and cause negative environmental effects. Operated flare stacks that are improperly used, release harmful chemicals such as methane, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), sulfur dioxide, aromatic hydrocarbons, and benzopyrene. Methane, VOC’s, and sulfur dioxide…

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  • The Importance Of Setting In The Kill Order By James Dashner

    JOURNAL TOPIC #3 - SETTING The setting is an integral part of any story, especially a Sci-Fi story. With no setting, the book has no location set with it, which can leave the reader confused and sometimes un-interested. The setting in The Kill Order, written by James Dashner, plays a huge role in the book. It communicates with the reader where these solar flares hit, and really how devastating they were. Dashner uses a really good sense of imagery to describe the setting in the book. Using this…

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  • Death Cure Persuasive Speech

    In the book “ The Death Cure”, the world is unsafe and the people in it are also unsafe. People take off from the airport without communicating to the main flight tower, fake documents are being made and the people from the government won’t recognize if it is real or not, also there appears to be sick people all over the place and they are highly contagious of spreading the sickness, the Flare virus to people. This essay is about how the world in the book is dangerous and several reasons why it…

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