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  • Elodea Canadensi Research Paper

    Background: The bottle ecosystem created contains three compartments. It includes an aquatic habitat at the bottom, a filter in the center, and a terrestrial habitat at the top. The aquatic habitat included guppies, shrimp, a snail, and elodea. The filter was composed of a layer of fine sand, coarse sand, activated carbon, and gravel. The terrestrial habitat in our bottle ecosystem featured mealworms, a mealworm beetle, annual bluegrass, and purslane. In the aquatic habitat, the aquatic plant that was used was Elodea canadensi. Elodea canadensi, or the American waterweed is a common plant and is found throughout temperate North America. It features three leaves per whorl and grows completely submerged underwater, with the exception of its attached flowers that float at the surface.…

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  • Guppies Research Paper

    Libestes Reticulata is a fish commonly known as a Guppy. Guppies belong to the livebearer group meaning they give birth to free swimming fry instead of laying eggs. The Guppy originates from fresh and brackish waters in South and Central America, but can be found today in other parts of the world. Guppies have been deliberately set free in several Asian waters in an attempt to eliminate malaria by decreasing the number of mosquitoes. Guppies come in various shapes as well as colors. A few types…

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  • Orange Guppies Research Paper

    Most male animals are more attractive than their female counterparts. This is because the male takes the lead in mating and he is the one who attracts. A lot of male guppies are bright colored. The females tend to be less attractive because they’re submissive when mating. They are attracted to the male guppies because they prefer bright colors, but why? The vast majority of female fish prefer orange colors. We think it’s because of food. In a guppy’s habitat, orange fruit seems to be a favorite…

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  • Socially Constructed Gender Essay

    intricately weaved examples of this state of mind is gender. In the following text, I plan to demonstrate what exactly social construction is, and with the help of author George Ritzer, will establish that the concept of gender is entirely man-made. Additionally, I will also differentiate gender from that of its naturally occurring counterpart, sex. To fully understand how socially fabricated gender is, one must first grasp what exactly social construction is. The social construction of reality…

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  • The Argument For Biological Evolution

    An example can be seen with John Endler and his guppies, “What the Grants are to Darwin’s finches, Endler is to guppies.” (Weiner 89). Endler studies guppies from small streams in northeastern South America. His guppies each have unique spots on them just like beak variations in Darwin’s finches. The guppies spots are heritable and “...each guppy inherits its particular palette of colors, and also the general size and brightness of ensemble, from its parents.” (Weiner 89). Natural selection…

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  • Personal Narrative-I M Phynn The Anthropomorphic Shark

    The most popular meal is the Cod Sandwich, a raw cod sandwiched in between two blackened cod. The briny flavor overpowers any other flavor for a matter of seconds. The crunch of the outer cod complements the juicy cod in the middle; this meal has always been a Phann favorite. Other meals include the Guppy Plate, which is a bowl piled high with 100 diced raw Guppies. The Guppies have a gum-like texture that allow them to slide down their consumer’s throat with ease. The Guppies refuse to be…

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  • God Bless America Analysis

    “God bless you, and God bless the United States of America” – Ronald Regan (Goldenthal 2015). Is our modern capitalist society where wealth is earned and maintained by private individuals originated from religion, specifically Christianity? Max Weber believed that religion played a central role in the western world’s economic development (Ritzer & Guppy 2014). In the article “God Bless America: How Christ became Central to Capitalism and US politics”, Goldenthal (2015) discussed the idea of how…

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  • Deviant Behavior

    Primary deviance involves acts of deviance that have no real pattern; they are strange and against the norm, however they are usually not persisting (Ritzer & Guppy, 2013). On the other hand, secondary acts of deviance are recurring and eventually can lead people to organize their lives around their deviant status. Secondary deviance can be, and usually is, influenced in some way by a primary deviance (Ritzer & Guppy, 2013). In our particular case, the act of body adornment is an act of primary…

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  • Examples Of Adaptive Radiation And Species Diversification

    John Endler conducted a study on guppies found in streams of northeastern South America. The male guppies of this species inherit spots, varying in color and size. Females are more attracted to those with the colorful spots, but so are the guppies’ predators. The battle between reproduction and survival is a constant struggle present in the process of sexual selection. Characteristics that threaten an individual’s survival tend to be the same as those the mates are attracted to, ultimately…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Snapping Turtles

    What do Snapping Turtles Eat? Before you buy food for your baby snapping turtles, you need to consider which sort of snapping turtle you have. There are two sorts of snapping turtles: the alligator snapping turtles and the common snapping turtles. They are different from each other and have their own habits. They are both omnivores, so they eat both fresh meat and plants. One common thing about these turtles is that they will eat almost everything. You can give them some eggs, vegetables, some…

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