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  • Claude Debussy Essay

    Claude Debussy was born on August 22, 1862, in France. Debussy and his parents lived in a very poverty stricken suburb in Paris. By the age of nine, Claude’s gift of being a pianist began to show; and a female Russian millionaire, Nadezha Filaretovna von Meck, persuaded Debussy to play duets with her and her children. After accepting her offer, Claude Debussy began to travel with the woman all throughout Europe during the summer; time that he was not in school at the Conservatory. While in Paris during the time of travel, Debussy fell in love with a singer named Blanche Vasnier. Vasnier had such an emotional effect on Debussy, that she was the influence on many of his early works. Claude Debussy was very torn in his emotions, and they were the contributing factors of his early style. Claude Debussy’s early style led to one of the most known Debussy compositions: Claire de Lune. (Lockspeiser) Claude Debussy acquired the Prix de Rome with his talent, which was a scholarship for French art students in which the Roman government would pay for a student to live and study in Rome for…

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  • Claude Monet Impressionism

    Claude Monet, The Regatta at Argenteuil From the Romanticism and Realism movement of the seventeenth and eighteenth century, to what became known as the Impressionism movement of the nineteenth century, the transformation of French and Western paintings was drastic and challenging. After the Franco- Prussian war, France was in desperate and hopeful need to bring a new movement that would cheer the spirits of those that were in distress and pure anguish. This change and uprising was brought by…

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  • Claude Lorrain: Renaissance Or Baroque?

    Baroque Art History Claude Lorrain: Renaissance or Baroque? Claude Lorrain was a painter born in Champagne, France in the early 1600s, and painted from 1630 until his death in 1682. ( Lorrain’s style cannot be defined as either strictly Renaissance or Baroque. (thesis.) The painting Villagers Dancing by Lorrain in 1638 is one example of this mixture of stylistic approach. From left to right, Lorrain painted goats in the foreground and trees in the background. The trees on…

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  • Claude Debussy: A Musical Genius

    Born in August 22, 1862 in Saint Germain En Laye, France, Claude Debussy was not known for having the greatest beginning to an exciting life. But while his family did not have a lot of money, they were still able to understand his amazing talent with a piano and by the age of 7 he was in Piano lessons. At the age of 10 or 11 Debussy had entered into the Paris Conservatoire, within his time there his instructors and his fellow students were awed by his obvious talent but often found his musical…

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  • Claude Debussy Research Paper

    Debussy's Musical Impressionism "I have no hobbies...They never taught me anything but music." ––Claude Debussy. He brought an entirely new musical style into the public eye; he expressed visual phenomena by appealing to auditory senses; he stepped outside of the grasp of Romanticism, yet still followed its pathways; he paved the road for nearly all modern music to be composed after him; he altered music history. Claude Debussy was nothing if not an absolute master of the art of composition,…

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  • Visual Analysis Of Claude Monet

    Claude Monet, one of the most famous painters during the impressionist movement, was born November 14, 1840 in Paris, France. When he was five years old he and his family moved to Normandy. Claude’s father was a businessman, who hoped he would join the family business when he grew up, and his mother was a singer. As a child, Monet did not enjoy being cooped up; he would much rather be outside, gazing at the beauty that was all around him. Although he did not enjoy being confined inside, he was…

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  • Claude Monet's Impressionism Movement

    Claude Monet once wrote in a letter, “everyday I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it” (Monet). Dedicating nearly 70 years of his life to his work, Monet pioneered his way into the art world in the latter half of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. Using his various studies, he was able to become an art innovator with the Impressionism movement. In this paper I will argue how…

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  • Claude Mckay Protest Poetry Analysis

    Claude McKay was a Jamaican – American writer and poet who had a big impact in the Harlem Renaissance. He was the youngest child of the Thomas Francis Mackay and Ann Elizabeth Edwards who were well off farmers who had enough land to be able to vote. When Claude McKay was four years of he started attending basic schooling at a church that he went to. However when he turned seven he was sent to live with his oldest brother, Uriah Theodore, to be able to get the best education available. During his…

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  • Analysis Of Woman With A Parasol-Claude Monet

    The creator of the work Woman with a Parasol-Madame Monet and Her Son was Claude Monet, a French, impressionist painter. Depicted in this piece are two figures—a woman and a child—who are meant to be Monet’s wife and son. While this piece currently resides in the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., the scene within this painting takes place in Paris, France. In this essay, I will formally analyze Claude Monet’s Woman with a Parasol-Madame Monet and Her Son by introducing Monet and…

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  • Post Impressionism: Katsushik Claude Monet's Water Lilly Pond

    influenced by which was the camera. “Art of art’s sake” was how they referred to the expression of art, let art be art and let the artist paint what he sees and is who he is. They began to understand light and color and even pigmentations of oil and other chemicals (1). Yet rather than painting scenes from insides they wanted to paint the world, as the world, outside in that moment in modern, contemporary life. These Impressions were heavily influenced by Japanese Woodprints that illustrated the…

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