My Leadership Experience Essay

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1. Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time.
In the last summer, I served as a mentor to my adolescent cousin, who is not doing well at school. What makes the situation worse is that he is graduating from junior-high school and transitioning into high school, where the curriculum is harder and requires self-discipline. Knowing that my cousin is in such a trouble, I volunteer myself to my uncle and aunt that I will mentor my cousin and help him navigate through the transition process.
The first thing I did is to reflect upon myself. I understand that to convince someone, the most effective way is to start from
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However, this idea is challenged by my parents. My parents tell me to study business or science rather than art history because the latter is less likely to land me in a well-paid job. Having argued with my parents that I really like arts and will do well at studying it, I realized that I should put myself in their shoes and construct my arguments based on what they …show more content…
So I started analyzing the value and career outcomes for art history major. Having been studying art history so far, I developed a better understanding of other culture. In the globalizing job market, there is a great demand for the talent of cultural interpretation. Also, I improved my ability of critical thinking and analytical skills in the process of critiquing the artworks. Analytical thoughts involved in critiquing artworks are no less than solving a complex mathematics problem; I must take consideration on the social background of the time period. Studying art history does not confine my career choice to only a few; the analytical thinking and intercultural knowledge are transferable skills that are applicable to a variety of jobs in this complex, globalizing

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