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  • The National Honor Society

    National Honor Society (NHS), a highly prestigious organization that runs nationwide. It is more than just an honors club. The National Honor Society recognizes students who show excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. I believe that I possess these qualities, and will be able to contribute to the betterment of the community. The National Honor Society would give me a huge opportunity to reach out and give more to the society. It would be of my greatest honor to be part of the NHS chapter at Riverside. Defined as the qualities distinctive to an individual, character is what makes someone stand out from others. I feel that I possess a diversity of qualities that NHS is looking for in a person. I am very confident,…

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  • National Junior Honor Society Reflection

    Back in middle school, I was a part of National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). We were the largest class to be inducted into NJHS. Being such a large class meant we would have to raise a lot of money if we expected to reach our goal. Our goal was to raise enough money for our trip to the Lead Conference at Washington, D.C. Only one NJHS chapter before us had raised enough money to go all the way to Washington, D.C. We were determined to reach that same goal, but things don't always go as planned. …

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  • Essay For National Honor Society

    I am proud to have been selected as a candidate for the National Honor Society. I have been working my whole high school career for a position in the society. I believe that I would be an excellent member of NHS because of the effort I have invested into my education and into the clubs I am involved in. Through my effort and determined character, I have proudly earned the leadership positions I now hold throughout many organizations in the high school. Overall, I am ready to become part of the…

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  • Sean Houlihan Education

    1. Sean Houlihan Values Current Innovations in Education As a full time substitute teacher in the Narragansett School District, and a former full time teacher for the previous decade, Sean Houlihan places a high value on learning and following the current trends in educational theory. He believes that to effectively teach children in today 's society, it is crucial that an educator has their hand on the pulse of the most up to date technologies and insights. 2. Sean Houlihan Follows the World 's…

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  • Personal Statement: Junipero Serra High School

    impact the Serra community. I am a simple person, if people need help, I’ll help them. From the years of tutoring that I have received, I know how to guide students through the process, making sure they learn and don’t cheat themselves. Teenage years can be tough, I have had to be resilient in my own life living with a learning difference, which has made me a very empathetic person. Any Padre can ask me for help, no matter who they are, and I’m willing to set up a time to meet or facetime…

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  • Honor In Hamlet

    Honor is a human construct. It is used to evaluate one’s worth and set expectations. Reputation, notoriety, dignity, honor: these all define one’s place in society, but they are not intrinsic. In Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, various characters struggle with their honor. Laertes’s honor leads him to act irrationally, Hamlet’s honor finally inspires him to act, and the patriarchal society’s idea of Ophelia’s honor destroys her. Hamlet has a complex attitude towards honor, admitting that its…

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  • Honor Society Characteristics

    When it comes to being chosen to be a member of the National Honors Society, students must withhold exceptional characteristics. Students with these opportunities should be honored because not everyone gets chosen. There is normally a small select group that encourages the characteristics eligible to join the National Honors Society. The review committee considers students that are responsible, hard-working, and trustworthy. Throughout my day to day life I exhibit these traits regularly. Being…

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  • National Honor Society

    The National Honor Society (NHS) is a premier organization of high school students in the United States that was established to recognize excellence in students. But more than just being an honor roll, The National Honor Society serves to encourage students to go beyond academics and excel in the areas of leadership, community service, and character building. To become a member, one must exemplify the four pillars of the National Honor Society, which are character, leadership, scholarship, and…

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  • National Honors Society

    The National Honors Society defines what it means to serve the student body as well as the community. As a student athlete in the Sutton school system leadership, service, character and scholarship have impacted my very way of life. Having a persistent attitude is what makes a student shine and as a prospective candidate for NHS I will incorporate this quality into each of the four pillars improving the society as a whole. Three years ago I began the NHS application process though I had little…

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  • Honor Society Goals

    I have always had large goals for myself, and that began when I was young. My parents continuously pushed me to accomplish the biggest things that I could and never had any doubt that I could do it. They believed that I could achieve anything that I put my mind to, and as I grew older that helped in ways that I would not have expected. I strived to always do the best that I could to the extent of my ability. Thanks to their continued support I have accomplished many things, such as being…

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