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  • The Hi-Desert: A Short Story

    The hi-desert has known vortices, physical locations with intense energy. These vortices are not far from where I live. The hi-desert cast a spell all its own; a simple evening outdoors, watching the bats come out to catch insects and grace the already spectacular sky has magical mystical powers. A local concert inspires and instantaneously love fest of old friends, folks from out-of-town, and new residents. Mr. Wonderful cast a spell while being spell-bound. The thoughtful, logical, and reasonable speech I carefully sketched out in my head disintegrated in the desert’s night air, overpowering my iron will. His words washed over me like the many starry nights I surrendered my will to and so was my surrender to his hopeful question. “Can I kiss you?" I was supposed to have an answer, but I was speechless. His tone had that same kid-on christmas-morning…

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  • Comparing The Song 'Superman And Hopeful'

    There are many ways that you can show that someone is heartbroken is just as equal as being bullied. Hurting someone makes them feel really bad that their heart beat is going at the speed of light due to their sadness and anger. Both songs “Superman” and “Hopeful” by IM5 and Bars and Melody show the importance stopping bullying that happens everywhere and that being heartbroken hurts more than you can ever imagine but can also be healed. The song “Superman” written by IM5 shows that is One…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Hopeful Christmas Party

    “We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!” The special time of the year is slowly approaching. What a better way to celebrate “the best time of the year” than by attending the annual Hopeful Christmas Party. The Hopeful Christmas Party is an organization which assists the needy people within the community by giving them an opportunity to eat food and giving them gifts. It is an all-day event that has intriguing activities, delicious food, and more. The Hopeful Christmas Party will be…

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  • Hopeful Uncertainty: The Glorious Aspects Of My Life

    Throughout my fifteen years, there have been certain predominant aspects of my life and my personality that have stayed fairly consistent, my shyness being chief among them. It is this characteristic that has perhaps affected me the most throughout my life, and much of the change and development that I have undergone has been in terms of how I let my introverted personality affect my interactions with others. I have experienced several monumental events that have brought about these changes, and…

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  • Hopeful Journey In Hope Jahren's 'Lab Girl'

    Hope’s Hopeful Journey Here in Summit Campus, we see students every day who stress over an assignment; in a way, Hope Jahren faced the same issue. We all started with a blank paper, but gradually, we began to write down a few of the things we experienced. Here and there, we will even go through a phase where we are stuck and don’t know what else to write. In Hope Jahren’s Lab Girl, Hope finds herself struggling becoming a scientist. Growing up, Hope was just a young girl with big dreams of…

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  • F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby Scornful Or Hopeful?

    Hopeful or Scornful? “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past,” a quote which describes Jay Gatsby, ‘The Great Gatsby’, thoroughly of how hardly and “ceaselessly” he works to recapture the past. However, he never forgets the fact that tomorrow depends mainly on what happened yesterday. Thereafter, Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby, wants the readers to know how dependent the past and the future are of each other. In addition, Gatsby expresses the…

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  • Eve Bunting's Fly Away Home

    “Don’t stop trying Don’t! You can get out.” This is what the boy, Andrew says when the bird gets in the airport in the book “Fly Away Home” By: Eve Bunting. Andrew is hopeful for looking for a home. Andrew and his dad are hopeful for a home because the boy and the dad are both saving money and that the boy is always positive and hopeful. The most important reason Andrew is hopeful and positive is because one sunny day a bird flew the airport door trying and trying to get out. Andrew was very…

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  • Literal Meaning Of The Song Let It Be

    The definition of hopeful is inspiring and optimistic about the future. This is what the song is about. It is talking about letting go of the past, and being optimistic about the future. It is saying that the answer of a problem will come. It will come as long as you are hopeful about the future, and see where it leads you. The song says, “When I find myself in trouble Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom Let it be.” This is saying that in times of trouble everything will be okay,…

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  • Hope In The Old Man And The Sea

    eaten by the sharks, Santiago is still seen as a hero. Hemingway explores the nature of hope through symbolism of the marlin, lions, and respect. The tone of The Old Man and the Sea is very hopeful because Santiago overcomes all of his obstacles and ends up catching the marlin. Hemingway says, “I [Santiago] want to see him, he thought, and to touch and to feel him [the marlin]. He is my fortune, he thought” (95). This quote provides a very hopeful tone by showing how important the fish is to…

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  • Conflicts In The Pilgrim's Progress By John Bunyan

    children, and the other more appropriate for adults. The episode of Christian fighting Apollyon is better fitted for a children’s version of Pilgrim’s Progress. Christian and Hopeful crossing the River is more fitting for an adult version of the text. The event of Christian and Apollyon fighting is better suited for a child’s rendition of the Pilgrim’s Progress. Although the episode is violent, through it’s thrilling fight scene and incorporation of a monster this episode draws children in.…

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