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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Emergency Preparedness

    2003, but this poster uses a graphic that feels more recent than that, so it is possibly a newer version of whatever was released at the start. I do find it telling that this campaign started shortly after 9/11 – while the ad itself references a natural disaster, I wonder if this was intended as a subtle way to prepare people for possible terror attacks as well. The illustration itself is quite simple. It’s a photo of a town somewhere in America – it could be any town, any neighborhood. This is a picture of modern suburbia. There are streets and houses lined up with yards and pools, as you travel towards the horizon they give way to wooded areas and an open expanse of land; in fact it actually looks quite a bit like my town. Except for the path of the tornado that winds through the town, like a river of destruction. In case the storm clouds and funnel on the horizon didn’t make it obvious, the word “tornado” is spelled out in the rubble in the foreground of the image. Marked like points of interest on a map, are the locations of the members of the hypothetical family, scattered about the town doing whatever it is they normally do at that particular time on that day of the week. The top portion of the image shows the dark, stormy clouds associated with the tornado. Within those clouds the text of the ad appears, “make sure you know where to find your family in an emergency,” and below that the ad advises that you start your plan at ready.gov. The text of this ad is…

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  • Moon Illusion Lab Report

    earth and moon did not change, the size of the moon appeared larger in the horizon but smaller at zenith. The debate of explanation behind this illusion had never stopped. Starting from as early as 330 B.C, Aristotle had discussed the moon illusion and explained it as effect of atmospheric phenomenon occurred close to the horizon (J. T. Enright, 1975). Later advocate of this reasoning stated…

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  • Sailing With The Sun: Painting Analysis

    areas of dark contrasting sharply with smaller bright illuminated areas. The small bright area that draws your eye is the line of the light from the sunset, the darker areas are the outside edges of the visible water. Another object that catches your eye because of the light is the sailboat, because it is a lighter color it reflects the light from the sunset. The visual elements of color and light, work together in Sailing in the Sun, by creating a cool and warm vibe for the overall piece.…

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  • Linear Perspective Drawing Essay

    of proportions and angles when it comes to the elaboration of objects in the design field, but before jumping into that we need to define certain terms in order to understand how this technique works. As explained by Art instructor Matt Fussell, “Linear perspective always involves a horizontal line, vanishing point(s) and lines of perspective that recede or advance to the vanishing point(s). Each form of linear perspective is named for the number of vanishing points used in the drawing.…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Daughter To The Sky

    Daughter to the Sky A non-fiction essay as lived by Cinnamon Spear I was born a daughter to the sky. Vast expanses overhead have become my breath. My family and I would sit amongst prairie hills studded with pine trees, consuming countless sunsets. You could see for miles and miles. The sky would flow from a crisp blue to a subtler shade of purple. Passionate pinks and oranges would come just out of that finally resting upon a vibrant yellow source. I caught myself thinking once, “This…

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  • Art Analysis: Design And Composition

    when you look deeper, there you would find them like fireflies in the trees. The horizon line for me is the table on which the rocks rest, the rocks are above the eye level of the viewer. 4. Content - What do you think the artist is trying to say? What Essential Elements of Art* are used to support what you think the artist is saying? Ms. Thi’ s earthwork expressed simplicity and strength. It seems like the artist in her would like to give the viewer the feelings of serenity and boldness at the…

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  • Empowerment Case Study

    Some people are oriented toward very short time horizons where they think in terms of minutes and hours- a short time horizon (W&C, 53). Other people think in terms of months and years – a long horizon (W&C, 53). These differences were solved through proper planning, congruent communication, and clearly defining roles and responsibilities. The team also incorporated both task facilitating roles and relationship building roles in order to meet goals (W&C, 423). By being both supportive of each…

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  • Red Horizon Case Study

    Red Horizon Red Horizon is a medium-sized pet food manufacturer headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Founded by Michael Ladenson, who wanted to give pets owners an all natural pet food product in 1986. Red Horizon manufacturers dry food, wet food, and prescription food made from organic, all natural products, which contain no artificial fillers. The company owns two factories, which produce 10,000 lbs dry food, 1,000 canned wet foods, and 500 canned prescription food daily, and is ranked #1 in…

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  • New Horizons Film Analysis

    New Horizons is what the wonder year of 1960 is all about. A strong and bold vision of the utopian future of 1960 is laid out from this 1939 film from the General Motors World’s Fair in New York called Futurama. It is a time of “modern and efficient city planning and breath taking architecture” and “new opportunities for employment and better ways of living.” Urban life is dramatically changing during this time period of before World War II, with new technology and this film shows the changes…

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  • The Plot In James Hilton's Lost Horizon

    Lost Horizon is a fantasy, fiction, and adventure based 1933 novel by English writer James Hilton. James Hilton was born on 9 th September 1990 in Lancashire, England. He was from a reputed family where his father was a headmaster of a school. It was published by Macmillan, an international publishing company that publishes books, academic journals and magazines worldwide in the year 1933. The book was turned into a movie, also called Lost Horizon in 1937 by director Frank Capra. The book has…

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