Differences And Similarities Between Hong Kong And Western Culture

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The Differences and Similarities Between Chinese Culture(HK) and Western Culture(UK)

No one will argue about Hong Kong is a multiculturalism city. Hong Kong was once colonized by the United Kingdom for over a century. At present, Chinese Culture of Hong Kong was already deeply influenced by other western culture, especially from Britain. From Language, Cuisine, Pop Culture, Literature, Architecture to Wedding style. Culture is the soul of every country, unique and sublime. As Gencel (n.d.) once said, "Who said Hong Kong too small? In size perhaps but not in it is soul and personality. Every corner in this city giving you full of surprises, if not every hour but at least every day…."

Even the way people communicates with others in daily life
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There are some similarities between Hong Kong and Britain. Like you have to dress well, not to eat but when the host told you to and so on. In British culture, a person who lifts the bowl to the mouth, slurp or scrape the plate would be considered as disrespectful. Moreover, there are also strict rules on how to use a series of forks and spoons. On the other hand, Hong Konger and British cooking methods are much different. For instance, Chinese people use soy sauce and oyster sauce for seasoning, but British uses salt and pepper instead. Furthermore, the choosing of tableware for Hong Kong dining culture and British dining culture are also different. For example, many Chinese people prefer to eat with chopsticks more than fork and knife unlike the British. As a result, we can see how our daily life had influenced by western …show more content…
In general, Hong Konger can follow either Chinese wedding style or Western wedding style, but British can only follow western style. In fact, a wedding ring is an important symbol for both Chinese and Western marriage. In old China, people choose something special as the symbol of marriage instead of wearing a wedding ring. But in Hong Kong, an engagement ring is worn on their third finger of the left hand by women. The wedding ring would be exchanged during the wedding ceremony. However, when it comes to the set the date for the wedding ceremony. People in Hong Kong would choose a "lucky day". And therefore, the parents may consult a fortune-teller or look at the Chinese Almanac, a book of astrology listing each day of the year and what should or should not be done on that day. In contrast to British, they would choose any day they

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