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  • Mad Max Fury Road Film Analysis

    examining the cultural issue, the depiction of women in an action film where they represent feminism. In film, there is not enough representation of female characters that are capable of being independent and strong all while not being sexualized. Most female character who are given the traits strong and independent often times are hyper sexualized because they are women which means there objects in male’s view. However, female characters are need of makeovers in action movies and directors need to remember that it is important to portray women accurately not what it ought to be. Film industries do not focus on depicting women in action films where they are pro feminist and original (original I mean they characters did not come from a comic book or books). The pop culture text I will be using to frame and analyze my issue is Mad Max: Fury Road. Mad Max is a movie that portrays women in a positive, feminist manner. The female characters challenge stereotypes and the film exhibits that throughout the movie. I am interested in using Mad Max: Fury Road because when I watched it for the first time, it left me thinking about how women should be portrayed more like…

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  • Mad Max Fury Road Scene Analysis

    Australian director George Miller’s 2015 blockbuster, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, is an action filled, post-apocalyptic film. The Mad Max universe is a set in a stark, desert landscape filmed in Namibia, with an oil and water crisis, which forces humanity to revert back to a state of war and isolation. One of the main characters, Max is captured by the “war boys” who live in the Citadel run by tyrannical Immortan Joe, and eventually finds Furiosa and her rig. In the ‘Furiosa’ scene, he attempts to…

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  • The Oppression Of Freedom In Bruce Lee's The Game Of Death

    usually the oppression of a freedom that Bruce’s character embodies. Granted average viewers have never faced a mob boss, the premise of an ordinary minority man challenging the tyrannical power of foreigners made for a popular action plot. Lee would then use his martial arts skills, wits, and training in weapons, most popularly the nunchakus, to completely devastate the opposition. His role in these movies inspired others to try and better themselves, stand up for what they believe in, and show…

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  • Martial Arts Influence

    Martial art films today are popular, especially in the US. Audiences love the action, and skill, and the grace that all come with the genre. Martial art films seem like just another movie genre for some people. However, martial art films holds an interesting history, going all the way back to China. One can argue that the genre of martial arts films made martial arts and the appreciation of Asian culture more apparent in U.S society. American filmmakers usually casted Asian crew members because…

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  • Essay On Exile Documentary

    claimed that he “just threw together moments before the presentation.” This event was the epitome of casual, and that is what made it great; it felt like an informal community, like our own precious film viewing asylum. As 7:10PM came and went, the professor identified himself as Markus Nornes, an instructor of Asian cinema at the University of Michigan. The event began with a presentation about media censorship in China, where since the beginning of filmmaking, all movies had been…

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  • Why I Want To Study

    I decided upon Syracuse’s program in Hong Kong, rather than mainland China, for the spring 2017 semester because I felt that the program best unified all of my personal, academic, and professional goals. Much like myself, Hong Kong is a country of both Western and Chinese origins and its distinct identity would provide me with an experience uniquely tailored for me. By studying with Syracuse I will be able satisfy my course requirements in economics and apply what I learn into the context of…

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  • South China Case Study

    The current state of the Pacific is becoming increasingly complex and delicate. Although the Pacific Air Force’s dedication to “working with our allies and partners to deter aggression, increase burden sharing, and maintain peace and stability.” is still being maintained, local state actors have made it increasingly difficult for restoring stability in the region, primarily the aggressive actions of China in the South China Sea. As stated in the U.S. Pacific Command’s Posture Statement, “Chinese…

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  • Xintong Tiandi Technology Vs Apple Case Study

    Apple loses trademark name to Xintong Tiandi Technology The issue of the trademark has been a constant fear for successful companies looking to expand overseas. In places such as China, registering your company trademark before operating in the market is a necessity if the company wants to avoid future disagreement regarding malicious registration of a trademark. Xintong Tiandi Technology Vs Apple Xintong Tiandi Technology is a company based in Beijing. They specialized in leather products…

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  • Haagen-Dazs Case Study

    A study of developing and training in Haagen-Dazs in China 1. Introduction This part focuses on the overview of the ice-cream industry, research rational and research questions which include what the strategy and tactic of Haagen-Dazs is in China, what issues the development of Haagen-Dazs is facing in China and what the future plan and development of Haagen-Dazs is in China. 1.2 Overview of the ice-cream industry Chinese ice cream market is based on analyzing the resent years report on…

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  • Cheongsam Fashion Analysis

    The Cheongsam was first considered as ‘cool’ in the 1920s in Shanghai, and its audiences were the “students, teachers, and ladies from wealthy families” (Hong Kong Museum of History). Because the Cheongsam was a luxury garment in the 1920s, it was only affordable for members of the upper class, including celebrities and public figures. Looking at this from a rhetorical perspective and relating it to the logos of my argument, it would be safe to conclude that the Cheongsam was not just a…

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