The Oppression Of Freedom In Bruce Lee's The Game Of Death

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In these movies, Lee connects with the viewer by portraying himself as a common man facing a struggle, usually the oppression of a freedom that Bruce’s character embodies. Granted average viewers have never faced a mob boss, the premise of an ordinary minority man challenging the tyrannical power of foreigners made for a popular action plot. Lee would then use his martial arts skills, wits, and training in weapons, most popularly the nunchakus, to completely devastate the opposition. His role in these movies inspired others to try and better themselves, stand up for what they believe in, and show that an average man can make a difference in society.
Another important movie Lee partook in is titled The Game of Death. The film featured Lee attempting to confront an enemy located at the top of a multi-storied tower, each level presenting a new opponent. This plot structure was the preface to many video games and spin-offs to follow. Additionally, Lee sported a yellow and black tracksuit in the movie, to which has become a staple when remembering the image of Lee, that has also been used multiple times in other video shorts.
Unfortunately, Bruce Lee’s cinematic career ended prematurely when he died from a drug overdose during the filming of Enter the Dragon, but Lee’s film popularity did not wane. In fact, Enter
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The Matrix, dubbed one of the greatest action movies of all time, contained a vast amount of inspiration from Bruce Lee films. In one scene of the movie, the main character, Neo, mimics Lee’s fighting style and copies Lee’s signature move of touching his nose with his thumb. This highlighted just how influential and unique Lee was, in that any time hand-to-hand combat is suggested, Lee will be remembered as one of the greatest. The actor who played Neo, Keanu Reeves, is also part Chinese, drawing attention to the influence of the Asian culture in American action

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