Robert E Lee Character Traits

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Clay Cofer
ENG 101
9 December 2014
Essay 5 The 19th century was a time of improvement in technology, industrialization, as well as conflict in the United States. As the nation further expanded, so did the conflict within. Native Americans were forced out of their homeland, Africans were brought to the land to work as slaves, and eventually the country was forced into Civil War due to the constant conflict surrounding the use of slaves as well as other political issues. The nation became divided, and the United States battled each other as The North and The South. The South, led by newly-found President Jefferson Davis, had viewed the nation as a whole to be against them. They felt as if they were wrongly taxed, weren 't given enough
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Lee was born into a family of high status in January of 1807. His father had formerly served as a calvaryman in the Revolutionary War and fought for America’s freedom from Great Britain. He later went on to be the Governor of the family’s home state of Virginia. Robert began attending school at the age of four, and was quickly put into a position of maturity due to the passing of his father at a young age. Lee developed important character traits, which included a high level of integrity and personal strength. Using these key traits, Lee went on to become a Cadet at the United States Military Academy, where he graduated number 2 of 46 in his class. As an engineer, he truly made a successful career and made many aquatic advancements with his newlyfound skills in engineering (Reynolds). When the Mexican War occurred, he truly began to be recognized as a great war leader, and his character traits that had been developed some years ago began to stand …show more content…
As emphasized earlier, he set himself up to succeed early on in his life, even though he faced many obstacles and responsibilities at that time due to the death of his father(. By getting an education at the United States Military Academy and finishing second in his class, he was quickly seen as one who could take on the task of leading forces. However, he was not instantly put into a major leadership role. When the U.S. declared war with Mexico over land in 1846, Robert was not happy. He simply did not see a reason to declare war over this issue. Though he disagreed with the decision, he still went to fight, as he saw it as an opportunity to be promoted. This shows how dedicated Robert was to his country, for he gave them his all even in a time where he was not on the same page as high ranking officials. During his initial campaign as a soldier in the Mexican War, he served many important roles, and one of those was scouting the enemy(. His heroism gave the United States the upper hand in the war, and though he did not singlehandedly defeat the Spanish Army, he played a key

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