Martial Arts Influence

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Martial art films today are popular, especially in the US. Audiences love the action, and skill, and the grace that all come with the genre. Martial art films seem like just another movie genre for some people. However, martial art films holds an interesting history, going all the way back to China. One can argue that the genre of martial arts films made martial arts and the appreciation of Asian culture more apparent in U.S society. American filmmakers usually casted Asian crew members because of their talent in martial arts. As martial arts films were getting increasingly popular in both Asia and America, Chinese culture did too. Chinese actors brought their culture into films in America. The origin on the genre was also from Asian cultural practices, such as Chinese opera and Shaolin, and the primary people that transformed the genre were also Asian.
One of the main influences of the creation of martial arts films in Chinese opera. Chinese opera consists of painting, music, dancing, acrobatics, singing, and
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He was not only an actor and martial artist, he was also film producer, director, and singer. During his acting years, various directors tried to portray Jackie Chan as another form of Bruce Lee and failed. Lee’s techniques were too different from the ones Jackie Chan knew. Instead, he created a whole new film genre: comedy action films. In average action films, the actors were usually serious in their fights and seen as great heroes, but Jackie Chan acted as a foolish man in his films. He was also his own stuntman. While many other martial artists actors hired stuntmen to perform their dangerous feats, Jackie Chan did his own, often resulting in broken bones, injuring himself, and coming near death. Jackie Chan also started his own film production company and created several music albums. Overall, Jackie Chan introduced the comedic martial art film, which is still a popular genre

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