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  • Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan Poem Analysis

    How is the theme, Cultural Identity reflected in the poems“Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan” by Moniza Alvi and “Search For My Tongue” by Sujatta Bahtt? The poems “Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan” and “Search For My Tongue” are both poems that convey the theme of Cultural Identity by personal experiences. “Presents From My Aunts in Pakistan” focuses on the idea of confusion and loneliness of belonging to two different cultures, while “Search For My Tongue” gives the reader an idea of the fear of losing him/her mother tongue when developing a new language. However, both these poems portrays the image of the difficulties of belonging to two different cultures. Moniza Alvi, who wrote “Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan” half English and half Pakistan, was born in Pakistan and moved to England shortly. Her personal experiences and feelings are stated throughout the poem, about how she thinks about belonging to two completely different cultures. Sujatta Bahtt, who is the poet of “Search For My Tongue” is half American and half Indian. She too was born in India and then moved to America shortly. Throughout the poem, Bahtt tries to convey the fear that she feels about losing her Indian mother tongue by trying to learn a new language. The poem “Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan” uses strong word choice to convey her biased feelings about the two cultures. It is based upon an experience of receiving clothes from her Aunts in Pakistan. Alvi describes the types of clothes she…

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  • The First Confiscation Act Analysis

    In August of 1861, President Lincoln signed the 1st Confiscation Act formalizing to some degree Butler’s contraband argument by authorizing the United States army to seize any slave used to aid the Confederate military. This however did not resolve the ambiguity of the status of the majority of enslaved people who now numbered in the thousands in and around Union army camps. The decision as to whether these people were free, property of the army, or to be returned to their masters was…

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  • Conversation Appraisal Analysis

    The conversation transcription used in this appraisal analysis is based on a phone conversation between a civilian named Mark Sanders (a 33 year-old white male in Connecticut) and the secretary of the Connecticut police department (a middle-aged white female). The conversation topic between these two participants regards the new gun-confiscation regulation on those who possess firearms and Mark’s argument on the new law which violates the Constitution. The man initiated the call to the…

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  • Phone Call Narrative

    The first evaluation is identified when he mentions that “cause I know there is a talk about that” as the transcription shows below. The first evaluation occurs after the second complicating action, in which his question was not answered. By proclaiming his knowledge on the current gun confiscation situation, he attempts to show his power in terms of information and knowledge on the issue, aiming to induce more valuable information from the…

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  • Civil War Emancipation Research Paper

    Crittenden Compromise of 1860, shortly before the Civil War. The Compromise proposed the idea that Congress would not be able to abolish slavery in slaveholding states. Although not removing any slaves from their owners, Lincoln, through such rejection, ultimately gave the message that slavery would not be a permanent Union practice. Emancipation, due to threat to the Union and its preservation, was thus first formally introduced through the the First Confiscation Act, in which, as stated by…

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  • Emancipation Proclamation Significance

    During the Civil War the proclamation was not the first of its kind to be submitted during the war. There were two other attempts made by congress to enact similar acts that justified the seizure of property from the rebellion to include slaves. The First Confiscation Act was passed in August 1861 by congress, which authorized confiscation of property and slaves that were used in the rebellion against the Federal Government.1 The first order was revoked by Abraham Lincoln along with a second…

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  • French Imperialism Research Paper

    Has French Colonisation had cultural, economic and social changes in Algeria and has French Imperialism caused long term impact on Algeria? Algeria was controlled by the ottomans leading up to the french takeover. Algerian society were profoundly affected by 130 years of colonial rule. (Britannica) Algeria depended on land confiscation, there was modernisation of the agricultural sector and development. Valuation of land areas left unexplored before the conquest. The French believed and…

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  • The Armenian Genocide: The Consequences Of The Armenian Genocide

    of 1915 where 250 Armenian scholars and leaders were imprisoned and later deported and killed. This event now known as Red Sunday precluded the systematic deaths of 1.5 million other Armenians through planned massacres, death marches and concentration camps. The Tehcir law was also supported by later passed resolutions such as the Temporary Law on Expropriation and Confiscation. Although the Tehcir law did have propositions concerning what to do with the properties belonged to the deported…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control In The United States

    For example, in the past congress passed the National Firearms Act of 1934, which imposed excise taxes on machine guns and other weapons associated with crime. (Newhard, 2015) Another example is in Chicago when the city required everyone to register their weapons which later on it led to licensing then eventually to confiscation. Chicago has also accomplished to ban every single gun shop and for a few decades handguns were also banned until 2010 until the Supreme Court ruled that…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Reform

    Gun Control: Reform Not Removal Although some American gun owners are against revision of the Second Amendment, modification to the restrictions associated with gun control are crucial because guns are too readily available to those who are ill-equipped, routine, precautionary security measures prior to purchasing guns are not being held to a certain level of standard, and the number of widespread violent acts being committed each year via firearms is rising prompting a wanted change amongst…

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