Provisional Irish Republican Army

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  • Spoiling Opportunities As A Terror Strategy: The Irish Republican Army

    Utilizing Spoiling Opportunities as a Terror Strategy: The Irish Republican Army When an act of terrorism occurs, it can often seem like random, mindless violence to the victims and the bystanders. It can be surprising, therefore, to realize that terrorism is actually a very strategic decision. Terrorism can be very effective, used usually when a group is not strong enough to directly confront and force a policy change from a state actor, choosing instead to persuade their target by showing publicly the costs that they can impose for not complying. According to Kydd and Walter (2006), there are five primary strategies that are utilized when engaging in acts of terrorism, these five being attrition, intimidation, provocation, spoiling, and…

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  • Death On The Rock Documentary Analysis

    This Week, a current affairs series aired in the 1980s, released an episode on the 28th of April, 1988, titled “Death on the rock”, edited by Robert Bolton, discussing the shootings of three IRA members in Gibraltar. The documentary goes into detail about the events leading up to the shooting, asking questions about the legality of the actions taken by the British government and the SAS. The documentary uncovers their own pieces of evidence and tries to put together a more thorough picture of…

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  • Conflict In Northern Ireland Essay

    The Pattern report came in the year 2000. It aimed to introduce not just a new badge and a new name and most importantly the recruitment of more Catholics into the force. The proposal was initially rejected by the unionists and the republicans because it was too British, but a year later the police service of Northern Ireland was formed. On the 30th of April 2014, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams was arrested on charges of murder during the troubles. This brought the new police force under scrutiny…

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  • Terrorism: The Irish Republican Army (IRA)

    The Irish Republican Army (IRA) has existed as an organization for nearly 100 years. Particularly as terrorist groups go, that is impressive; in fact, “long-standing terrorism expert David Rapoport argues that 90 percent [of terrorist groups] last less than a year.” The case of the IRA, therefore, is significant to the discussion of how terrorism ends by, providing an essential context for a variety of reasons. This paper will specifically treat two of those reasons: 1) its centenary duration…

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  • Purpose Of The Irish Republican Army (IRA)

    Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 General Background (Framework): The Irish Republican Army, or IRA, fought the English rule over Northern Ireland in the twentieth century and aimed to unite Northern Ireland with Southern Ireland to form the Republic Ireland. It stemmed from the times of William of Orange in 1690, where William’s Protestant Army defeated Catholic King James II in the Battle of the Boyne[1]. In the years leading up to 1703, thousands of Catholics were deported and relocated to live in…

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  • The Plough And The Stars And A Star Called Henry

    The Easter Rising began on Easter Monday, 24th of April 1916, and lasted for six days. The Easter Rising was an insurrection against British rule in Ireland and took place in Ireland's capital city, Dublin. The Easter Rising of 1916 is believed to be the most compelling single event in modern Irish history. The number of plays, novels and poems centred around the Easter Rising are endless. For the purpose of this essay I will discuss how the Easter Rising is represented in both Sean O' Casey's…

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  • Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee: An Analysis

    battalions of imperial and white settler supremacy” (Empire, Judd, 1996, p. 227). In doing so, Gandhi and General Smuts was able to sign the Indian Relief Bill and gave South Africa an ally in India. Ireland’s attitude towards the British, in the nineteenth century, was not a favorable one. Ireland wanted its independence from Britain. A group of people called The Irish Republican Brotherhood declared that its main purpose was to begin a revolution to make Ireland have its own…

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  • The Easter Rising: The Rise Of Ireland

    1916. Irish rebels garrisoned multiple locations in Dublin in an armed attempt to overthrow British rule and establish an independent Irish Republic. After five days of fighting the rebels unconditionally surrendered , a presumed successful retaliation by the British, but the essence of the rebellion changed the course of Irish history forever. In 1800 the Act of Union Bill was passed which united Great Britain and Ireland into the United Kingdom. This meant that there would be no Irish…

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  • Max Boot's Invisible Armies: Chapter Summary

    “boots on the ground” as the saying goes. However even with, or perhaps because of, this new technology our country finds itself involved in conflicts that are unconventional to what we have seen in our history. The young generation of Americans today has grown up learning about the wars against terrorism where the enemy is hard to really signal out from a large crowd. We have become accustomed to fighting against what Max Boot calls “invisible armies” because it’s…

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  • Legacy Of Violence

    about terrorism were heavily influenced by recent terrorist attacks on the United States. The motivation behind events such as 9/11 and the Boston Bombing are difficult for fellow Americans to understand. It seems delusional to validate the killings of so many innocent people through religion or politics. The video, A Legacy of Violence,(Setton Mudd & Carroll, 2000) by no means justifies terrorist acts, but explains them as a military and political tactic. By focusing on the history of the…

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