Hepatocellular carcinoma

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  • Liver Health Connection: Case Study

    4.1. Historical Accounts The purpose of this objective was to gather current studies about the co-infection of HIV/HBV and provide facts with evidences to Liver Health Connection. Hence, Liver Health Connection utilizes the product of the research to educate providers, the community, and patients. As I indicated in my proposal, the first objective was to research about the Viral Hepatitis B (HBV) and Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) co-infection Before the start of objective one, LHC provided me a lot of resources to excel how to navigate through many resource materials, databases, websites, webinars, and in person trainings. To accomplish this objective, I listed out three possible opportunities that can help me in getting sufficient resources aboutp the project objective’s accomplishment. These three possible opportunities are reading the materials given by the Liver Health Connection, getting into online and in person trainings, seminars, or meetings (these are also sponsored by Liver Health Connection), and collecting (researching) current scholarly literatures and publications by myself. Using these opportunities, I officially, started researching about these deadly diseases and the consequences of living with co-infection in the third week of the internship placement date (09/06/2016). To successfully complete objective one, I had utilized more than five (5) resource materials including databases, webinars, seminars, and meetings…

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  • Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)

    The core of the hepatitis B virus is generally in the shape of an icosahedron. Within the virus, there are two strands of DNA, one smaller than the other, which is circular. HBV is around 42 nm in width, and the core is surrounded in a 4nm thick coat. They are enveloped, which means they are more susceptible to being destroyed, because the envelope is very thin. Viruses in general are very small, much smaller than bacteria, and HBV is no different. (Image:…

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  • Memory Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes In Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Case Study

    incubation to take place for 20 minutes at normal body temperature. After the incubation, there was a staining procedure to allow for the visualization of the nuclei. These specimens were then scored. This scoring was used in order to compare and combine CD45RO with CD8. Because there was the usage of scores, statistical analysis was performed in the study. This analysis allowed for further methods, rankings, models, probabilities and other types of analysis to interpret or simulate the survival…

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  • 'Medical Ethics In Henrietta Lacks'

    A quote to highlight the misuse of medical ethics is “TeLinde disagreed— he believed carcinoma in situ was simply an early stage of invasive carcinoma that, if left untreated, eventually became deadly. So he treated it aggressively, often removing the cervix, uterus, and most of the vagina” (Skloot 165). This was unethical because there was no proven way to tell if this was the best treatment method, he did it just because he thought it was best. This is an example of a doctor using his own…

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  • Recurrent Pneumonia Case Study: Mr. Cauley's Case

    where a workup for immuno compromising conditions was initiated. It should be noted Mr. Cauley suffered acute renal failure requiring dialysis in 2004 and subsequent renal transplantation and he is chronically on immunosuppressant medications. Prior to his pneumonia in 2013, he states that he had not suffered pneumonias in the past. He has no structural lung disease, although he did smoke one pack a day for about 30 years and quit in 2004. He has no history of personal malignancy, however…

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  • Skin Cancer: Basal Cell Carcinoma

    types of cancer such as, Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous cell Carcinoma, and Melanoma. Skin cancer is the number one cancer diagnosis in the United States. The most basic definition of skin cancer is “the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells” (“Skin Cancer Foundation”). When discussing skin cancer, it is necessary to mention each cancer individually, as they are not all the same. For instance, Basal cell Carcinoma is the appearance of “abnormal, uncontrolled growths or lesions” (“Skin…

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  • Skin Wellness

    Atkins diet, vegan diet, and raw food diet are just three of the many named diet types out there to fulfil a person 's needs. Since a diet is well-known for its helpful effects with a slim body and great figure, it also plays a vital role to your skin health. So, what is so beguiling about skin health in relation to anyone 's distinctive diet? No one would ever concur that most people are never given compliments for a slim body but poor skin health, so outside appearance does have a lot to do…

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  • Pancreatic Adenosquamous Carcinoma Case Study

    Significance Pancreatic adenosquamous carcinoma (ASC) is a rare but aggressive tumor, with higher metastatic potential and an even worse prognosis than pancreatic adenocarcinoma[1, 2]. A major hindrance towards development of therapies against pancreatic ASC is that the molecular mechanisms underlying its pathogenesis remain poorly characterized. In this proposal I will take advantage of the expertise on RNA biochemistry and molecular biology that I have acquired during my doctoral training and…

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  • Anonymous Cell Carcinoma Case Study

    Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most type of skin cancer, and is commonly caused by regular exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Squamous cell carcinoma is a slow-growing skin cancer, but it can spread to the tissues, bones, and lymph nodes where it can be hard to treat. Some factors make it more likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma including exposure to ultraviolet radiation, Bowen’s disease, and having a lighter skin complexion. More exposure to ultraviolet radiation whether it…

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  • Essay On Skin Cancer

    include Basal cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma, and Melanoma. Basal cell carcinoma begins in the basal cell layer of the skin which is located in the deepest layer of the epidermis, Squamous cell carcinoma begins in the squamous layer of the skin which is also found in the epidermis, and Melanoma begins in the melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells that make melanin which is the pigment that gives our skin its color. Basal cell carcinoma and Squamous cell carcinoma are the two most common…

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