Liver Health Connection: Case Study

4.1. Historical Accounts
The purpose of this objective was to gather current studies about the co-infection of HIV/HBV and provide facts with evidences to Liver Health Connection. Hence, Liver Health Connection utilizes the product of the research to educate providers, the community, and patients.
As I indicated in my proposal, the first objective was to research about the Viral Hepatitis B (HBV) and Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) co-infection Before the start of objective one, LHC provided me a lot of resources to excel how to navigate through many resource materials, databases, websites, webinars, and in person trainings. To accomplish this objective, I listed out three possible opportunities that
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The alliance made different groups and discussed each topic separately, finally, the overall strategic plan was put together and final approval was signed. Hence, this was an excellent experience to me in that I could understand what strategic plan is. Critical thinking, and analyzing is a plus. I could also have an opportunity to discuss what my experience was in relation to HIV/AIDS while I was working with international non-government organization in back home. Meanwhile, I expressed my interest to work with Colorado Alliance for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment so that asked them to save my email address for further …show more content…
Before starting my research, I outlined important topics and provided it to the LHC for review. Because the research presentation is the product of the LHC that can be used to educate the population about HIV/HBV co-infection, I used this approach to understand whether the outline I prepared fulfils the mission and vision of the organization. Before, I started research presentation, I spent a lot of time to gather current studies (about HIV/HBV coinfection) and showed all the collected resources to the LHC’s staff, communicated effectively in what area should I concentrate and, how this approach works towards the organization’s goal. In other ways, I had had opportunities to establish effective and productive work while I participated in different meetings. I had discussed different approaches how to impact the occurrence of HIV/HBV co-infection by participating communities as well as students (through the internship

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