African Americans : An Intergenerational Effect Of Slavery? American Journal Of Human Biology

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A critical Review of Jasienska. G, 2009, Low Birth Rate of Contemporary African Americans: An Intergenerational Effect of Slavery? American Journal of Human Biology. This article’s aim is to analyses slavery as being a lasting intergenerational effect on the low birth weights of modern African Americans. The article succeeds in its analysis through its identification of racial disparity in birth weight being social and environmental causes not genetic. Also a success is its use of other contextually relevant example of Dutch famine women of WWII with lots of supporting evidence. The article’s weakness’s are

The core purpose of this article is to analyze the role slavery of African Americans has had in the lower birth weights of present-day African Americans. What is being argued in this article is that there have been insufficient generations since the time of slavery where there was intense multigenerational nutrition deprivation traits affecting children’s birth weight with improvement to the energetic demands of the individuals. Another hypothesis described is that the current lifestyle exposures affecting fetal development is not causal with low birth weights of modern African Americans. Discussed also is that the intergenerational affects can also result from short-term nutritional deficiencies and stresses. Jasienska discusses her three causes of the low weight of modern African Americans that are all connected to slavery. I am reducing the scope of these and…

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