African Women And The Abolition Of Slavery In The Colonial Century

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Slavery has always been an awful thing. But It can be denied it play a major role in our history. For the purpose of this historiographical paper I will focus in slavery in the United States in colonial times. Focusing on African women something that many historian agree hasn’t been talk enough. I will look at four different historians that focus their research in the lives of African women in the time of slavery.
My first historian is Jennifer Morgan she wrote the book “laboring women’. In the introduction of her book she talks about how African women were not only used to work the land, but to also to have children and create more slaves. She argues that European man justify African slavery of women because it was the right thing to do.
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Washington talks about another aspect of slavery she talks about African women that were once or had still family that were still slaves, and how this women work to help free these other people that were still slave. Also she mentions that most African abolitionists prefer that these women only work behind the scenes, but they refuse. This is perhaps my favorite take on this issue. I love how these women took and active role to help their fellow woman. I imagine that is extremely hard to do so. These women still live in a country were haft of it was very still much pro slavery. One step in the wrong direction and these women could again find themselves under slavery again. But they still help in anyway they could to free their fellow …show more content…
A white woman struggles are not going to be the same struggles that a woman a color phases. Gender and race plays very important part of every individual. I imagine even more in colonial times. Were one these thing determined if were free or no and the other define what kind of person could you be and made you totally depended on the will of man. Imagined living a world were from the moment you were born you whole body and were your future generations were totally control by someone else. Being a slave was something horrible but being a African woman who also was slave was the stuff of nightmares. To talk about African slavery in the United States and treated as a whole thing that happen to people. And not study how it specifies affected

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