Difference Between The Heart And Pig Heart

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Register to read the introduction… Discuss your dissection of the sheep heart and the cardiovascular system of the fetal pig by doing the following:
a. Describe the similarities and differences between the fetal pig heart and the sheep
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They are both comprised of cardiac muscles which contract involuntarily to pump blood. Each side of the heart contains valves which prevent the regurgitation of blood. The left and right side of the heart have a mutual muscular segment by which they are separated and is known as the atrioventricular septum.
Differences between Left and Right Side of the Heart?
• Left side of the heart operates at a level up to 125 mmHg, whereas the right side of the heart operates at 25 mmHg.
• Right side drives a short, low pressure pulmonary circulation while the left side drives longer, high pressure systemic circuit.
• Wall of the left side of the heart is thicker than that of the right side.
• Right side circulates the deoxygenated blood while the left side circulates oxygenated blood.
• Right atrium receives blood from tissues and organs, and right ventricle pumps it to lungs. However, the left atrium receives blood from lungs and left ventricle pumps it to the rest of the body.
• Superior vena cava and inferior vena cava bring blood to right side of the heart but only pulmonary vein brings blood to left
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b. Describe the location of the kidneys in the fetal pig.
The kidneys are located behind the abdominal organs behind the intestines and up against the dorsal part of the pig. One kidney sits on either side of the spine.
c. Describe the path that urine takes to exit the body, starting in the kidney.
Urine travels from the KIDNEYS, through the two URETERS (one for each kidney) and into the BLADDER. The Bladder holds urine for a time after which empties into the environment by way of a single tube called the URETHRA.
4. Discuss your dissection of the components of the endocrine system of the fetal pig by doing the following:
a. Describe the endocrine organs that are located in the throat region (eg., function and appearance).
The thyroid gland is located in the throat next to the trachea. It looks like a small, hard bulb whose function is to regulate metabolism. The parathyroid glands are attached to the backside of the thyroid. They are very tiny and nearly invisible. They regulate the amount of calcium in the blood by releasing the parathyroid glands release parathyroid hormone (PTH).
b. Describe three endocrine organs that are located in the abdominal

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