Becoming A Soldier: A Personal Analysis

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There are many ways to become successful in life, in anything you go through. There is always an answer for a problem that you face. Many times, I would say through the observations I have made in my lifetime that people focus more on learning from their mistakes than doing things “the right way”. I have seen and been a part of these situations in my life when I was in the army, worked in Thunder Valley as security, and also in school One example I have for this is in the Army. While I was in I was a part of an Infantry Mortar platoon. During that part of my life, I spent a lot of time practicing with a mortar system, our goal with a mortar system was to get it pointed in the correct direction as facts as we could by using knobs on the system …show more content…
I know of multiple calls I had to deal with that I did not have the proper training on how to deal with people emotionally, but I did everything by the book and just how they told me. During my life, I haven’t spent a lot of time around intoxicated people, but at Thunder Valley that was a daily occurrence. I was told by my advisors how to deal with the people and read the manual they gave me about my job, but that did not prepare me for success with the situations I was placed in. The first intoxicated person I dealt with I told them it was time for them to leave and that they need to call a ride home. They didn’t take that too well because of the way I said it to them. That led to more of a complicated situation. Its only over the next few times I had to deal with an intoxicated person that I learned there is a certain way that you have to talk to them so they understand and are compliant. I learned over time through experience and learned not to do and say certain things to intoxicated people because it made the situation worse. I would say I learned from the mistakes of my past and that prepared me for the future to be successful in similar

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