Islamabad Marriott Hotel bombing

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    Management Service profit chain is the essential idea in business management that connects the employee’s fulfillment, customer loyalty, and the financial gains (James & Heskett, 1997). Some of the human resource elements in the surface profit chain are internal service quality, employee satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity. Most of the hotels use the concept of the profit chain to succeed in their management. For example, the Marriott Hotel has thrived in its business management as it uses the surface profit chain concept to run and manage its work. Since he started his business in 1927, Marriott showed interest in all his employees and involved them in the management. He has been dedicated…

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    name suggests, the Grosvenor Marriott Hotel is owned and managed by Marriott International, Inc., a global leading company in the hospitality industry (Tashmuratov, 2010; Marriott International, 2015). According to Tashmuratov (2010), Marriott International was founded by in 1927 by J. Willard and Alice Marriott, and has its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland in the US (Marriott International, 2015). The company operates more than 4, 000 properties across at least over 75 countries. In the 2014…

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