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  • Christian Privilege Analysis

    can marginalize, exclude, and deny believers and establishments of other religions. To put things in perspective Marshall McLuhan said, “One thing about which fish know exactly nothing is water, since they have no anti-environment which would enable them to perceive the element they live in.” It’d be hard for a Christian to realize that there are unspoken privileges that are granted to them. Members of privileged groups don’t have to contemplate about their environment because, for them, there environment contains no pressure. They don’t have to be worried about others attitudes because they can assume that most think like them. The lack of concern for other religious can in turn develop into religious oppression. In this day in age, Islamophobia is everywhere. Take a moment and picture the experience that comes with being a Muslim. Not only are they profiled by law enforcers but also targeted and grouped as violent assailants. They are also vilified by politicians and examples of that are seen by political contender Donald Trump. He clearly fuels events of directed violence, damage, harassment, and discrimination. To add to the list, Christians have the privilege of not having a troubling political figure provoke violence against them. I’ve benefitted from Christian privilege and I’ve also spent time inquiring why I’ve gotten perks and it be denied to people who aren’t Christian. I’m aware being a Christian in America doesn’t always mean I’ll be easy but, as citizens, it…

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  • Islamophobia

    tensions are higher than ever in regards to Islamophobia. Many Muslims are increasingly frightened with how new situations and leaders will affect them. French elections will chose a leader that may or may not protect Muslim rights. Since the election of Donald Trump, Muslim hate crimes have ballooned. With these increasingly hostile political situations, many Muslims could feel ostracized and alienated, which could push ISIS recruitment. Islamophobia will continue to grow and embolden people to…

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  • Islamophobia Inmates

    The Correlation Between Islamophobia and Muslim Inmates In the years following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, there was a rapid increase in what has become known as islamophobia: a prejudice towards the nation of Islam and intolerance towards Muslims in general. In recent years, researchers have provided evidence that there has been a decline in islamophobia, which national Islamic civil rights groups’ claim is “small, but highly welcome” (Replogle,…

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  • Examples Of Islamophobia

    Islamophobia Growing up, my religion and my ethnicity differentiated me from the bigoted society of Jackson, Michigan. Only 0.7% of Jackson is Asianic and an even smaller percentage is Muslim. I’ve never had any friends that prayed, I never had anyone I could relate to about my culture, and I never truly felt accepted in my city. I always felt misplaced everywhere I was at but I could never figure out why. I continuously attempted to fit into my environment but still never felt like a natural…

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  • Effects Of Islamophobia

    Islamophobia― one word that caused a catastrophic effect in the Muslim community. Islamophobia is derived from Etienne Dinet, a French painter who was interested in Islam and the Arabic culture; but it was soon used as a term of hatred and discrimination against Muslims. There are four major types of Islamophobia which are pre-reflective personal Islamophobia, post-reflective personal Islamophobia, institutional Islamophobia, and political Islamophobia. Pre-reflective personal Islamophobia is…

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  • Islamophobia Essay

    There is no reason for the United States to return to internment camps and segregation with the progress for equality ongoing, but with the rise of terrorism and racial targeting, Muslims are scapegoats in a country that is constantly undergoing change. Islamophobia, or the fear of Islam, is not the reason to justify hate crimes against millions of people attempting to live their lives. Muslims do not have the opportunity to seek justice like the Civil Rights movement groups did as Muslims are…

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  • The History Of Islamophobia

    the 1920’s and 30’s, the effects still linger with discrimination and all around negative feelings at about 9% today . This is in contrast to Islamophobia, which exploded after 9/11 and continues to fluctuate depending on the media cycle, international events, and politics. This process of discrimination is very much so the same for both the Jewish and Muslim, despite the time gap between their worst…

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  • Stereotypes Of Islamophobia

    Throughout the years, the fear of Muslim people has been growing into a world crisis after many terrorist attacks. The fear of Muslims is known as Islamophobia. Islamophobia dates back to September 11,2001, the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. People who are surrounded by Muslims are often afraid because of the number of negative events that took placed by terrorists that claims to be in the Islamic faith. Stereotypes and dispositional attribution has defined Muslims according to what…

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  • Islamophobia In Movies

    Political Theory Term Paper “Islamophobia in Movies” Submitted to: Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Department of International Relations By: Aditya Prakash Arya (M.A International Relations) South Asian University Introduction Phobia, as Oxford dictionary defines it, is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Being phobic just adds to negativity towards a particular thing or a group. It is just the ignorance that leads a person to remain phobic and…

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  • The Fear Of Islamophobia

    Is there really a phenomenon about the fear of Islam called Islamophobia? Or is it just an illusion? Islamophobia is the fear of Islam and is an act of prejudice against Muslims. It’s been spreading in the past decades widely in the western countries due to the increased number of Muslims. According to Oxford English Dictionary, the first time the term was used was in 1923 in an article in The Journal of Theological Studies (Simpson, 1989). The causes of Islamophobia impact people who don’t…

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