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  • The Importance Of Islamic Work Ethics And Job Satisfaction

    2.4 Islamic Work Ethics and Job Satisfaction Islamic Work Ethics is defined as the “set of moral principles that distinguishes what is right from what is wrong in an Islamic context” (Beekun, 1997). Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad; who denoted hard work caused sins to be pardon is the foundation of Islamic Work Ethics” (Ali, 1995; RagabRizk, 2008). As the economies of Asian, Arab Muslim Countries flourished, the importance of Islamic Work Ethics become important. The Managers should know how his employees respond in different critical situations. Ali (1988), shown in his study that Arab managers are more advantageous than Western managers because of high level of Islamic Work Ethics. There are various theories devoted…

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  • Threatening Speech

    communication that constitutes a threat to the United States national security, and if so, how? The United States government was put into place to serve the people and protect not only their liberties, but also their lives. The United States government can regulate violent provoking communication by encouraging a social stigma against harmful speech, and more clearly defining the law on hate speech, all while maintaining the freedoms of speech of U.S. citizens. In 2015, two radical Islamic men…

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  • Calligraphy In Islamic Culture

    The fluidity of calligraphy symbolizes the "intertwining" of stability and change that exists in the mortal world (Nasr 28). Islamic calligraphy has the appearance of a never ending line; the letters are all connected to one another and the writing seems to be constantly moving (Piostrovsky 29). The continual movement of the line "is one of the ways of manifesting [Allah] to this world" (27) and "projects the concept of continuity, of endlessness, of pluriformity" (29). The symbolism of…

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  • Is Terrorism Justified

    amounts of peace. The assassination terrorist groups were weakened through loss of a major contributor to their cause. The death of Osama bin Laden was largely symbolic to leaders enforcing radical Islam that there is no safety from the United States. The weakening of the empire established by Al-Qaeda allowed for more war criminals to be taken to Guantanamo Bay. Not only is this allowing the U.S. to completely follow the just war theory, but it also allows the U.S. to follow the maxims Sun Tzu…

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  • Factors Influencing Islamic Banking In Kenya

    THE UPSURGE OF ISLAMIC BANKING SERVICES IN KENYA. A Thesis Submitted to the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, School of Business, Department of Management In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration (Finance) Wilson Mauti Ogonda June, 2015 APPROVAL This thesis entitled “An Assessment of the Factors Influencing the Upsurge of Islamic Banking in Kenya” written and submitted by Wilson M. Ogonda, in partial fulfillment of the…

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  • Advantages Of Takaful Insurance

    Takaful means “mutual or joint guarantee” and it is the closest Islamic instrument to contemporary system of insurance. Earlier demand for insurance was very low in Muslim communities compared to conventional markets but with the introduction of Islamic mode of insurance more and more Muslims are open to the idea. Currently there are very few Takaful applicants in the market with very few institutions offering this insurance service on large scale. Though the claim for Takaful is for part…

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  • Islamic Bank Case Study

    The year 1963 witnessed the foundation of the very first Islamic bank in Egypt, ever since that year and until today researchers are still interested in making researches that study the financial performance of Islamic and conventional banks. The global financial crisis that the world experiences every once in a while as in 2008, was the cause of the increase of the number of researchers, as they are interested in studying the financial performances of both systems; knowing that these studies…

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  • Sageman And Wiktorowicz's Approach To Radicalization

    Although it overlaps with Sageman’s arguments, Wiktorowicz’s approach to radicalization is relatively more complex; among other things, he introduces the ‘cognitive opening’ theory, a crisis “that shakes certainty in previously accepted beliefs and renders an individual more receptive to the possibility of alternative views and perspectives.” The crisis can instigate a cognitive opening. This can take a variety of forms, depending on the individual, but when related to Islamic movements, the…

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  • Osama Bin Laden Character Analysis

    After 9/11, western civilizations especially US have been possessed through the “war on terror.” Because of the conviction which the maximum vicious outbreak on US territory was prearranged by al-Qaeda, media consideration had been focused on that one’s forerunner, Osama bin Laden, who was alleged by way of a mainstream Muslim resolute to abolish non-Islamic humanities. Islam was being considered as enemy of the west, the world is exposed as going to a confrontation of civilization—the leading…

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  • Al Qaeda Essay

    Al Qaeda With the war on terrorism becoming more and more violent, US officials are looking for a way to stop the violence that Al Qaeda is inflicting on the United States of America. Al Qaeda isn’t a new problem to the United States. Al Qaeda is defined as “a radical Sunni Muslim organization dedicated to the elimination of a Western presence in Arab countries and militantly opposed to Western foreign policy: founded by Osama bin Laden in 1988” ( “In approximately 1989, bin…

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