Osama Bin Laden Influence On Al Qaeda

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Al Qaeda
During the 1980’s Osama Bin Laden had built a terrorist organization called “Al Qaeda”. According to the writers of PBS Socal FRONTLINE, “Al Qaeda was created to over power governments in the Middle East, and elsewhere in the Muslim world, which do not strictly enforce a religiously-sanctioned political and social order, but that wasn’t the only thing they wanted.(9/11 Memorial)”. Osama started this group in Afghanistan camps by becoming stable in his financial system, supports, and knowledge(FRONTLINE). Al Qaeda main priority was to get rid of the United State being in their territory in Syria. The organization of Al-qaeda wasn’t just Islamic believers but civilians in different countries around the world, reports PBS Socal FRONTLINE.
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He wanted more power and he wanted to be the next ruler. But most of all he wanted was to ruin America .Osama Bin Laden was a well boy at his young age, he became part of the Islamic Muslim brotherhood as a youngster. For Osama it wasn’t just religion but it became what he believed for.(History.com) He was a radical Islamic who believed in expanding the teachings of the middle eastern lifestyle. Osama became an influence to young men to come from all over the world to be part of the Afghan Jihad.(History.com). Osama was showing his partners that putting in pal-Islamic practice was possible. This was the beginning of the Al-qaeda group that Osama created. Although Osama was ready to give and protect his country he wasn’t given what he wanted they have rejected his help. Osama became furious and made the United States look like they were enemies he didn’t stop there he became so eager, he fled Syria, Arab, and went to the “militant Islamist Sudan”(History.com). As his group Al-qaeda was building up he started to plan his first attack at the hotel in Yemen. According to History no American dead nor injury but two Austrian …show more content…
Osama plan of the 9/11 happened because of Khalid Sheik Mohammed the man who planned the 9/11 also known as KSM was a very well men who helped Osama Bin Laden in the planning for the attack they were planning. What had occurred was KSM and his nephew Ali Abdul AziZ Ali were founded to be funding the Hamburg operatives flight training (9/11 Commissioner). Secretly KSM and Osama Bin Laden would connect by sending other to talk to one another in code words(9/11 Commissioner). “ By the spring of 2000 According to 9/11 Commissioner, KSM Hanjour was sent to Karachi for inclusion for being identified as an Al Qaeda to be trained pilot”(Filkins). One of the main plan that Osama had was KSM helping out in the system of teaching and preparing men to back up Osama ideal plan.(9/11 Comissioner). KSM was keeping his distance with Osama until he was called from Pakistan to Afghan in the spring of the same year 2000 who had a partner in San Diego to comprise with the plan that was in the progress. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed later on was capture in some few years, but KSM was a very prideful men in what he did, his way of organizing and being able to control most of the movement during the planning of the 9/11 within getting Osama Bin Laden Approval in were to attack. KSM was giving Osama Bin laden ideas were would be the perfect ideal places to attack. Although Osama and KSM had great

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