The Culture Of Pakistan Essay

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Pakistan and its Culture:
Pakistan is a country that is located in South Asia and is a relatively new country. Although Pakistan has only been a country since 1947, the history in the area goes back thousands of years. A lot of the culture in Pakistan has been based off that history, and has some diversity due to that history. Understanding the culture of a country helps the military associate with the people in that country and builds good public relations.
Political and Military:
Pakistan’s government is a parliamentary democracy with an elected Prime Minister, who is the head of government and a President, who is the head of state. Along with them, there is a council of advisors that consists of the Senate and the National Assembly who
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There have been four military coups since Pakistan became a country. They were in 1955, 1969, 1977, and 1999. The coup in 1999 consisted of General Musharraf overthrowing the Prime Minister. A few years after the coup the General, got himself appointed as president and held the position until 2008.
When it comes to countries, military it is imperative for are military to understand what they have and what they are capable of doing. When it comes to Pakistan, they do have a military but they do not have the capabilities we do. With that being, said they can still be a threat by using guerrilla tactics. You would also have worry about the civilian populace, as they can and would be even bigger threats if they are not on are
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The country of Pakistan is already a poor country and we have the ability to help or hurt their Economy based on what we sell or buy from them. When it comes to unit operations, we can definitely use this to be advantages.
Pakistan was originally part of India, and got its independence in 1947, to become an independent Muslim country. Right now, the country is made up of 97% Muslim with 77% of them being Sunni. The Shia Islam makes up about 20% of the country. Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and Parses make up about 1% of the country.
With the country being diverse there are many rituals that are followed depending on their religion. Muslims believe in Allah and their prophet who is Muhammad, and read the Qur’an. To name a few rituals you have Ramadan in which Muslims fast from sun up to sun down for a month, and thank Allah for the blessings of the year. Two Hindu festivals the Hindu celebrates are Diwali and

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