Islam in the United States

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  • Islam: The Role Of Islam In The United States

    Since the time of Christopher Columbus, maybe even earlier, Muslim Americans have been on United States soil. As odd as that may sound to some, Muslims have been here since the beginning. Even to this day Muslim Americans still have a huge role to play in society every single day. Those who practice the Islamic faith are doctors, teachers, even the most ordinary individuals on the streets. Islam is a religion of respect and unity that has been clouded by extremists with poor ideas that do not represent Islam in any way. There are many things to be said about Islam, let us observe a few. The Islam religion is a practice of faith that is highly misunderstood. Even though so many people are misinformed it is still one of the fastest growing…

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  • Cultural Barriers In America

    The immigrants coming to the United States from Muslim countries in the recent years have been middle to upper class. Many young students travel to the United States to attend American colleges and then end up making the United States their homes. The middle age individuals traveling to the United States tend to have a degree as a physician or lawyer before arriving. Comparing it to European immigration of Muslims, they do not typically have a degree to this level or immigrate to attend…

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  • Misrepresentation Of Muslims

    That attack has created fear amongst everyone including Muslim Americans, but the media represented it differently to the degree that everyone excluding Muslims were emotionally affected by the attack. The media has propagated the image of Islam, which caused hatred towards Muslims in the United States. Due to the increased number of Muslim extremists and recent terrorist attacks; Muslims in the United States have been scapegoated to be the reason for all terrorist attacks. Because of this…

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  • American Muslim Goals

    Religion can be viewed from many different perspectives. People throughout the world hold different religious values. One person’s religious value will not match the religious values of another person. Islam is a religion that is accused of supporting terrorist activities throughout the world. Through day-to-day knowledge of what is happening around us, other religions observe evidence that Islamic followers direct their actions and techniques to proclaim ‘power’. Although, that particular…

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  • Muslim Women In America

    basis. They are marginalized due to their gender, religion, ethnicity, and in addition, Africa-American, Muslim women are also subjected to racism. These Muslim African-Americans are often torn between “relating to their religious brothers and sisters or to their ethnic peers” (Ahmed). Muslim women must also deal with the public’s perception, which often views them as extremists (Mogahed). This erroneous perspective is propagated by the media’s coverage of terrorism and the Muslim religion…

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  • Social Effects Of Rampage School Shootings

    already face. One example of the U.S government condoning unreasonable search and seizures in the name of national security is the War on Drugs. In order to establish mass incarceration as the new mode of control to keep African Americans repressed and in an inferior positon in society, President Ronald Reagan declared a War on Drugs in 1982 (Alexander 5). The effectiveness of this political stunt relied on law enforcement’s ability to stop and frisk millions and African American simply based on…

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  • Muslim Stereotypes In America

    Another strength he had was getting people to become more accepting throughout the book. To be honest, I didn’t want to read this book because I judged Muslims. The more I read the more I realized how similar Muslims are to Americans. There was two weaknesses that I noticed while reading. The first one was how would Patel get more people to read his book? Americans aren’t going to want to read about how great Muslim Americans are today. Honestly, I don’t think the majority of Americans care…

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  • Yemeni Culture

    In the last few decades, Muslims have come to constitute a significant immigrant group in the United States. As a result of this relatively recent arrival, the second generation, defined as children born in the United States to immigrant-origin parents, are the first generation being raised in America and are starting to reach maturity. Their unique perspective on the United States, thoroughly unlike that of their parents, forces the second generation to confront issues that their parents and…

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  • Ali Shariati Rhetorical Analysis

    Since the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001 the United States and indeed most of the western world has had something of parlous relationship with Islam. The imminent threat of Islamic extremism has placed the West on egg shells. The recent rise of Donald Trump and his nativist rhetoric has only added to the tension. A recent Brookings Institute poll revealed that 61 percent of Americans hold an unfavorable attitude towards Muslims. Ali Shariati, maintains that there are two types of…

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  • Islamophobia Inmates

    increase in what has become known as islamophobia: a prejudice towards the nation of Islam and intolerance towards Muslims in general. In recent years, researchers have provided evidence that there has been a decline in islamophobia, which national Islamic civil rights groups’ claim is “small, but highly welcome” (Replogle, 2013). The Council on American-Islamic relations (CAIR), revealed a report that claimed 78 bills or amendments were created to decline or prohibit Islamic religious practice…

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