Cultural Barriers In America

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The immigrants coming to the United States from Muslim countries in the recent years have been middle to upper class. Many young students travel to the United States to attend American colleges and then end up making the United States their homes. The middle age individuals traveling to the United States tend to have a degree as a physician or lawyer before arriving. Comparing it to European immigration of Muslims, they do not typically have a degree to this level or immigrate to attend European colleges (Cesari, 2007).
The event of 9/11 created a defensive attitude in the Muslim American communities. This was in regard to their race, class, and gender. Understandably, the stereotypes other Americans place them into has not helped with
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With 9/11, the war with Iraq, and the Boston Bombing, many children and teenagers face much discrimination and bullying in the school system. These attacks have also caused unnecessary suspicion towards all American Muslims in general. Even though some have attended college, a future job position may be missed due to discrimination (Skerry, 2013). There are over sixty nations that Muslim Americans have immigrated from and a variety of different cultures come with this. This causes barriers to education because the lack of knowledge teachers and school systems have on these various cultures. Children are at risk for failure of general education if the teacher is not competent with the child’s culture. In Muslim culture, it is not common for parents to be involved in school activities or academic achievements. Teachers and administrators may perceive this as Muslim American parents not caring. This may cause them to treat the child differently or think poorly of the family. Another cultural consideration the teacher should be aware of is the role of genders. It is not acceptable for male teachers to make eye contact or speak directly to Muslim mothers and the same goes for the opposite sex. Communication may be another barrier to education because first generation Muslim immigrants must learn English to succeed in the school system (Md-Yunus, …show more content…
243). This is an important topic to consider when speaking about Muslims. Thought to be of Arab descent and practice one culture, Muslims are often put into one category without the ability to be differentiated. An Arabic individual is part of an ethnic group, whereas a Muslim individual is part of a religious group. Muslims worship one God, calling him Allah and are part of the religion called Islam. Muslims, part of the fastest-growing religion in the United States, began immigrating by the thousands in the 1900s. This was slowed with the chaos of World War I and the government. There are around 1500 mosques in the United States that Muslim Americans practice at daily. Two-thirds of this culture attend a mosque weekly for prayer, although native-born African Americans and Pakistani Muslims are the most common to attend (Islam in the United States,

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